Abigail Bobbin

Personality & History

Born to a high class family in Northshire, Scotland, there was never a day in her life that Abigail did not have absolutely everything she could possibly want. Her father bowed to her every passing whim and her mother humored her every want and wish. The family lived off of old money, inherited through their lineage and name, but her father, Henry McGregory still insisted on working. It appeared that he was mostly just involved in investing, but there were always whispers that he had his hand in some shadier doings. Still, he was adding to the family name's worth, and no one could really complain. It was rumored that the man bribed politicians by funding their campaigns and footing the bills for their more hush-hush ventures, but nothing had ever really been proven. Her mother, Olette McGregory (formerly Weston), busied herself with the duties of a socialite. Frequent dinner parties and outings on the town were the norm of the family's day-to-day life, and they kept a very busy schedule.

Eventually, it came time for Abigail to begin her schooling. She'd already had quite a head start through tutors assigned to her by her parents, and so she came into the school quite assured of herself. Sorted into Hufflepuff, she quickly made friends and meshed rather well with most of her more civilized peers. Right from the start, she considered classes to be rather easy, and if she DID prove to have any difficulties in any of them, she certainly was not above rewarding a fellow student for taking the work off of her hands for her. Mostly, the years progressed rather uneventfully. She passed her classes with above average marks and went home to her family on the holidays, wherein life would progress as usually as it did there, too.
In her fifth year, she caught the attention of one Malcolm Bobbin, a Ravenclaw in her year. She hardly humored his advances, being that he was nowhere near her own social status, even if he was pure of blood. Malcolm more than excelled in his studies and was rather well known for his intelligence, even if all Abigail noticed was his annoying persistence. Through her daughter's complaints, her mother was inspired to investigate this boy whose interest in her daughter did not fade. She found from various sources that, even if his bank was rather empty, he was a very promising choice. Over the years, Abigail continued to evade his advances, Malcolm pursued tirelessly, and Olette never stopped observing.

By the middle of Abigail's seventh year, Olette had seen enough. She spoke to her daughter of Malcolm's clear potential and demanded that she give him a chance. So, for once, Abigail bent to the will of her mother for a change, and permitted Malcolm his chance. Just a few months after graduating, at Olette's further urgings, Abigail accepted a marriage proposal from Malcolm. In turn, he collected a rather large dowry and the funds to open an apothecary. The store started out small, but before the year was even over, boomed in popularity. At this point, Malcolm is preparing to open a second store.

Abigail was born and raised among people who knew how to play each other like fiddles. To be raised in such an environment and not be a natural at doing the same was impossible. Naturally, she knows all the right things to say and when to say them, and she knows where the buttons are and how to push them. While she regularly won't bother with people that she believes are below her, she manipulates those around her that she sees not so much as equals as she sees them as competition. When inclined to do so, she can play any part she so wishes rather convincingly and pull all of the strings necessary in getting what she wants at any given time. Those in her good graces will regularly refuse to see any bad in Abigail, though those that she has ostracized will truthfully say that it's near impossible to believe anything that comes out of her mouth since she WILL say anything she feels will be the means to her end. Even still, she lies rather despite herself about things that no one really has any business lying about, from the weather to the color of the dress she plans on wearing to the dinner party next week.

Very willingly, she'll play the part of the dumb trophy wife to please her husband and his friends, but she is far more clever than they would realize or care to admit. She shows this in her manipulations of her own husband, and even sometimes, his own friends. Abigail isn't above using her body in order to get what she wants, and oftentimes, will use her body more for recreation than anything else while STILL getting what she wants. If her husband suspects anything, he's never made it known to her, and she believes that she hides it well. Blackmail is yet another thing that she resorts to frequently, normally as a last resort, and it hasn't let her down yet. Her conquests know much better than to betray her to her husband or the general media.

She does, however, have a very small amount of people that she considers herself loyal to in the utmost degree. While she is rarely honest with them about her own life, she takes it upon herself to protect them or help them out of a pickle if they really need it. While she is unfaithful to her husband, she does consider herself loyal to him in the same sense that she considers herself loyal to those few real friends.


  • Name: Abigail Olette Bobbin
  • Birthday: June 3rd.
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Height: 5'




  • Malcolm Victor Bobbin- Father
  • Olette Lydia Bobbin (formerly McGregory) - mother


  • NONE.


Love Life

Significant Others


  • Melinda Abigail Bobbin - Yet to be born.

Past Relationships


True Friends

  • Glenda Chittock-Prewett
  • Timothy Greengrass
  • Vinny Gudgeon
  • Prisca Pucey
  • Gideon Prewett
  • Kostos Bouloukos
  • Lucy Martin
  • Ryan Turpin

Pretend Friends

  • Alice Longbottom
  • Emmet Belby
  • Lily Potter
  • Ophelia Llewellyn
  • Alexandrakis Smith
  • Joy Diserafino
  • Adamina Greengrass


  • Mackenzie Goldstein
  • Sebastian Goldstein
  • James Potter
  • Liz Fortescue
  • Alecto Carrow
  • Cecilia Hooke
  • Sirius Black
  • Sturgis Podmore


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