Alan Jugson

Personality & History

Alan Jugson never had much going for him. He was the first born of six children and treated like absolute royalty by his parents, mostly his mother. She came from a family where the heir was worshipped, and though her husband did not make as much money as she was used to, Elisabeth Jugson took no mind. She chose her life and was going to make it the best for her many children, and little Alan was going to some day take over the name. He was spoiled beyond belief and became rather lazy, watching his siblings do the work around the house or even bossing them around when he felt the need. Not his sister Bree, too much, no, Alan liked Bree actually, and often let her in on his secret plots which mainly included exploring the backyard of their house.

Hogwarts was a shock for Alan, who was always led to believe that he was the best and greatest. School was a lot harder than he'd expected and was a below average student in most of his classes. At first he was upset at this, and began to try harder, but after his mother blamed the professors for his foul grades, the boy simply went on being lackluster in his studies and made his way throughout his seven years as barely passing student who was quite good on the quidditch team (he's sure that's how he managed to get into N.E.W.T. potions). Leaving Hogwarts wasn't a tearful event; Alan quickly gained a management position in one of the new branches of his father's bookstore, and went on with his life. Run the shop during the day, go out and party at night. There wasn't much to worry about, until he found himself becoming involved in the world of gambling, and then Alan began to find some problems.

He found himself quickly in a lot of debt, and unfortunately with the wrong set of people. For years he managed to squeeze his way out of trouble, but it finally caught up with him. The man he was avoiding turned out to be a death eater, and ordered Alan to kill a coworker to clear up his debt. Alan spent nearly the whole day locked up in his room before he set out on the mission, knowing that it was either this random man's life or his own, and did the deed. Impressed by his craftsmanship, the death eater sent in a good word to the Dark Lord, promising Alan that he would never have money troubles again, and the man quickly signed up. He'd already killed once, it wouldn't damage his soul anymore than he already had.

In the summer of 1977, it was found out within the death eater circle that Alan had muggle family members. Being ridiculed for it drove him almost mad (almost?) and after sending his brother William Jugson home, Alan killed his grandmother. Will was immediately suspicious and Alan revealed his mark to his little brother, forcing the idea into his head. In July, during a death eater attack on Diagon Alley, Alan accidentally killed an old friend of his, Derrick Longbottom, right in front of his little brother Frank Longbottom's eyes. The summer continued in a fiery way for Alan, who'd become known as the Incendio Death Eater as leaving his victims burning in flames was his calling sign. Dorcas Meadows soon put the clues together and confronted Alan in the back of his bookshop in Edinburgh, and after being distracted by Frank, Dorcas killed Alan with the Killing Curse.


  • Name: Alan Ewan Jugson
  • Birthday: 15 April 1950
  • Death: 9 September 1977
  • Blood Status: Halfblood
  • Height: 5'10''
  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Occupation: bookstore owner




  • Duncan Jugson - bookstore owner
  • Elisabeth Jugson - housewife



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