Aland Avery



  • Name: Aland Rogert Avery
  • Birthdate: April 30, 1955
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin (1966-73)
  • Occupation: Gringotts Teller
  • Alignment: Death Eater


Aland is very patient and incredibly loyal. He’s someone you want as your friend because he’ll never betray you (on purpose). While being determined and faithful, he’s easy to manipulate because of his laziness and dull wits. Aland isn’t very creative, though he can appreciate beauty in all things and it shows through his materialistic showers of affection. While he’ll spend money without a second thought on something that he wants or for a gift, he’ll gripe about the price and having to spend the money, but only good naturedly. He’s very stubborn and hates change, especially when it’s against what he wants. He also has a very, very bad temper. Aland isn’t an idiot, he’s just a little slow on the uptake sometimes and so people have to explain things to him more than once. He’s a little presumptuous when it comes things he wants to happen his way, thinking that everyone will just go along with him, and that starts fights sometimes. Aland likes to be controlling over his ‘people’ but sometimes he just doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.




  • Rovenan Avery - father
  • Isabell Avery - mother



Love Life


Significant Other

  • Roderick Dearborn - boyfriendthing lover {29.03.79}


  • n/a

Past Relationships


Best Friend





Aland grew up with his family in a normal pureblood fashion. He and his beautiful, bratty little sister, Vivica, grew up with their mother and father in East Cowes on the Isle Wight in Southern Britain. Their father went through school with Tom Riddle and both he and Aland now serve the Dark Lord and his ideals of pureblood righteousness.

Though he was raised by tutors and house-elves like Vivica, he has never done well with his studies. He only scraped up enough of his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s to get an entry level job with Gringotts, and even then, his father had a lot to do with it. He knows he’s not smart, but he’s loyal to what he believes in and would never do anything to be called a traitor to his family or cause. Aland does his best, but sometimes it just isn’t enough and there are consequences for his incompetence. He knows what happened to Vivica, but he never said anything about it to her, despite his extreme guilt, not wanting to seem less than perfect in her eyes.

Aland is an animagus (in the form of a small black cat) even though it took him the better part of five years, six tutors and lots of stinging hexes to his rear. He really didn't see the point in becoming an animal at will (he'd had enough of his 'peers' transfiguring him into random animals at Hogwarts, thanks) but it was suggested that the ability might come in handy, especially since he was sorely lacking in other areas of expertise. It's come in handy a time or two, but often the 'wild' side of the cat's nature takes over and he gets lost in the 'emotions'. It's hard to tell the time as a cat, and it's screwed up his 'missions' a time or two.


  • Star Sign: TAURUS.
  • Symbol: Bull.
  • element: Earth.

Taurus in depth: Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with the neck and throat. Positive characteristics include stamina, patience, practicality, frugality, creativity, a love of beauty and nature, faithfulness, loyalty, determination, sensuality, and affection. Negative characteristics are stubbornness (there's a reason why stubborn people are called bullheaded), materialism, resistance to change, laziness, a terrible temper once aroused, prejudice, and sometimes an unimaginative nature.

The Slytherin Taurus: In this House, the traits associated with Taurus that will be most emphasized are materialism and loyalty. These Slytherins will be almost blindly loyal to their friends and allies, and they will value wealth and the trappings of wealth over more intangible assets. Determination will also be emphasized. All Slytherins are determined, but the stubborn Taurus Slytherin is unstoppable once they have their mind set on something. A large number of Slytheirns in this sign work for Gringotts after graduating from Hogwarts, for they are very good with money.



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