Alecto Carrow


  • Name: Alecto Ambrosia Carrow
  • Birthdate: 12 July 1959
  • Nationality: Scottish, English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin, Class of 1977
  • Occupation: Proprietor, Agrippa's Apothecary
  • Alignment: Death Eaters



Lex does not go along with the crowd - she’s not your typical follower and could actually be mistaken for a leader by some. However, if given the choice, Lex would rather follow a strong leader than put herself out there. If no one capable can be deemed acceptable, she will fend for herself, but rarely. She would never tell you a thing about herself and she couldn’t give a shit about you. She’s not into small talk, unless it suits some final gain of hers. She would rather be your friend because it benefited her as opposed to actually caring about you. She therefore also seeks that in someone to follow. She’s very independent, to a fault really. She will fail a class before asking for help. However, her pride is often misplaced. She allows the people she chooses to follow walk all over her but if she’s so much as spoken to by someone below her, she has been known to lash out and let them have it.

Lex is not a yelling person. She usually is in total control of herself. She is usually in total control of her feelings, speaking in a flat voice, bereft of any emotion, her features betraying nothing. She enjoys manipulating people by changing the emotions on her face to toy with their reactions. She knows just what buttons to push to get what she wants. She can make people believe nearly anything she wants, and uses her talents oftentimes for her own personal gain… She believes that the most stupid people on earth are those foolhardy, those self deprecating people who put themselves out for others. A person has to think of herself first – it’s me before you. People like that are to be taken advantage of in her opinion. They are weak and deserve what’s coming to them if they cannot learn to stand up for themselves. Her favorite sorts of people to manipulate are men, though she finds it very amusing to scare some of the female students with sexual comments as well, even if she doesn’t swing that way…

Lex is very sarcastic, often making cutting comments at the expense of others, even her so-called friends. She hardly ever laughs or smiles genuinely though. Her smiles are usually sly or are involved in a sexual situation, whether real, imagined, or insinuated. However, despite all her negative qualities, Lex is very protective of young children. Though she has a great distaste for goodie-goodie rule followers, she won’t stand for someone harming innocent children. She doesn’t view many people at Hogwarts as innocent children, but she believes that people who aren’t involved in a situation shouldn’t be made to pay the consequences. Her sense of honor holds strong sway over many of her actions. She would never start a fight with someone who was at a disadvantage, but she would surely finish one if they started it. She wouldn’t feel guilty in the slightest about putting them in their place. People can be made fun of, however, since everyone has the ability to use words – it’s their own problem if they can’t think of anything to say.

Fighting someone fairly and losing is better than winning only because you cheated. If she is fairly beaten, Lex is always plotting revenge; she won’t stand to be bested. If she has a score to settle, it’s between her and whomever she’s pissed at. Innocent people shouldn’t get involved, but if they choose to, then they’re on their own. She would do just about anything to see that the uninvolved part not be harmed. This sense of purpose derives from some very haunting childhood memories. Also, Lex can get very attached to things. Even though she despises people who don’t act for themselves, she puts herself on the line (rarely, but with a lot of force) when something or someone she cares about is in jeopardy. She loathes this quality about herself, and tries to repress it everyway she can, but a few insightful people have seen this in her. No matter how hard she tries, sometimes she just can’t control herself and she wanders ahead, blinded by her own strong feelings. However, for the most part, Lex tries to steer clear of situations that get her emotionally involved. She keeps her feelings shallow and superficial and tries her best to keep her relationships the same…




  • Ambrus Carrow - father, deceased
  • Lyris Carrow - mother


  • Amycus Carrow, brother

Love Life

Significant Other

  • Amycus Carrow n/a


  • n/a

Past Relationships


Best Friend





Mid July of 1959 brought into the world the first child of Ambrus and Lyris Carrow, a daughter named Alecto. The Carrows lived, and thus Alecto grew up in, a large home in Edinburgh, Scotland befitting any good pureblooded family of their social status. Throughout her childhood, Alecto was privelaged and never able to truthfully say that she wanted for anything; that, coupled with the fondness she felt towards her younger brother of a year, Amycus, made her a generally happy and agreeable child. While she did have some dabblings and interest in the Dark Arts, Potions, and other subjects that would be considered less than girly, Alecto was generally accepted in her social circle to be a model child.

Going to Hogwarts was both easy and difficult for her. Alecto found it hard to cope with not having Amycus around her each day, but she also had no problem making a name for herself and gathering a rather sizeable group of friends around her. Her life seemed to be complete as her brother eventually made it to Hogwarts (in Slytherin like herself, naturally) along with her and her influence across the school continued to grow. She was making connections with the best, networking and controlling and becoming her own small sort of legend-but, as all good things, this moment in the sun was not to last.

At the beginning of her sixth year, Ambrus Carrow lost his high-paying Ministry job and the family was forced to move northeast or Douglas to a smaller cottage, no longer able to afford their extravagant lifestyle. Although this was kept very hush-hush for the great shame of losing their money, Alecto now had the burden of hiding their disgrace around Hogwarts for Amycus' sake. She had seen how much their father's misfortune had hurt him and swore that she would protect Amycus from then on out-even now, she harbors a fierce


protectiveness of him and his feelings and won't let anything hurt him if she has her way of things.

Upon leaving school, Alecto used her self-sufficence and Slytherin ambition to open up her own business, an apothecary in Diagon Alley by the name of Agrippa's. Not long after that, Ambrus Carrow was found murdered (although it would not be for another year until she discovered that it was Amycus that had done the slaying) and Lyris left to live alone in the Carrows' neglected cottage. Alecto decided to take it upon herself, once Agrippa's was up and running well, to provide for her mother, even if she could only do so meagerly-she also grew much closer to her mother than she had been before, partially due to the fact that she was growing further and further apart from Amycus for their distance.

Her separation from her brother only got worse when at the end of his seventh year at Hogwarts he announced that he would be marrying Vivica Avery-in fierce jealousy (for the two siblings had been, and continued to be, romantically involved to an extent), Alecto swore to talk Amycus out of his decision. Several times the topic came up, the result ranging anywhere from shagging in the kitchen afterwards to nearly killing each other. In the end, however, they overcame their differences as Grayson Wilkes discovered their affections for one another and used them as blackmail to get the previously neutral Alecto to join the ranks of the Death Eaters. It is still Alecto's greatest ambition to keep her brother from marrying Vivica (whom she refers to as 'the slag' more often than not), but she doesn't want their relationship to deteriorate to what it had been. But she's certain that she can work her influence much more effectively now that she's his employer…


working on it!


working on it!


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