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Amelia, right off the bat, is the type of person that you see and immediately think 'oh hey, she looks like she knows what she's doing' and the truth is, she probably does. A very right-minded, grounded, and knowledgeable woman, she has always been that one person that people go to when they need help or just need to get something off of their chests. This works well for her, because she loves to take care of people and help them out with their problems. She tends to have an uncanny ability to understand what others are thinking, and this coupled with her famous Hufflepuff kindness and sensitivity help to give her a very maternal, motherly feel.

If you think that this makes her a softie, though, you've got another thing coming. Growing up in a household that half of was so deeply rooted in magical law and the ins and outs of the government and justice system, Amelia's got a very strong value system and from a very young age developed her own perception of what is right and wrong. She's opinionated and believes deeply in herself and won't be afraid to stand up for her rights or those of others when she feels the need to. Her loud mouth, as some call it, can tend to get her in trouble with the wrong sort (being the hot topic of the age, of course she's made some enemies through the debate on blood supremacy) and she knows that she's inevitably got some people watching her from high places, both on the good side, and the bad.

Still, she is determined to not let the fact that she could become a target of Lord Voldemort or his followers stop her from pursuing her dreams and standing up for what's right. If one thing can be said for Amelia, she's got that semi-reckless Gryffindor bravery there inside her, although she would rather think of it as some very persuasive motivation. Don't you dare try to stop her from getting what she wants-this woman means business.




  • Joshua Bones - father
  • Mary Bones nee McKinnon - mother


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  • She really doesn't like Dolores Umbridge, but enemies might be too strong a word.



Being the oldest of three children born to Joshua and Mary Bones, Amelia Susan was, she believes, put into that position for a definite reason. Becoming an older sister twice over (to lovely, if rowdy boys Jonathan and Edgar) nurtured her instinctive mothering and caring nature from a very early age. When she was young, Amelia would spend her time playing with and helping her mother take care of her brothers more often than going out and playing with her friends. She thought it was fabulous that she had people to take care of and loved every second of it (sans Edgar's hair-pulling stage and Jonathon's terrible two's).

Despite making many friends within her new house of Hufflepuff, it was a difficult transition for the young girl when she had to leave her brothers to pursue her magical education at Hogwarts. She loved the studies and her peers and her professors, but that didn't stop her from being extremely relieved when Jonathan could join her at school and sate a bit of her longing for her siblings. It was during this time that she grew a lot closer to this brother, although her affection for her baby Eddie-bear back at home did not diminish in the very least. In the years after which she left Hogwarts to go explore the world on her own, she was allowed to spend a lot of time alone at home babysitting him and adopted him, in a sense, more as her child than her brother. Even as he has grown into the man that he is today, and has grown into more of a brother figure for her, Amelia still feels compelled to protect and take care of Edgar and she lets him know frequently that she'll always be there for him when he needs her.


Just from looking at her family history, you can see why Amelia has ended up where she is today. One half of her family being deeply rooted in Magical Law Enforcement and the other half being deeply rooted in International Magical Relations, she was bound to be a Ministry girl from the moment that she stepped outside of the womb. The only question was, (and it was a highly heated debate that flavored each major holiday dinner conversation) which department would she end up in?

Going with the Bones legacy, Amelia got a job right out of Hogwarts in the offices of the Wizengamot Administration Services, hoping to someday be on the esteemed panel of witches and wizards herself. She started off as a Magical Law Student, studying the principles and procedures of all the law for several years before she was promoted into a small desk job working arranging the affairs of the International Confedoration of Wizards British Seats. Her superiors knew that wasn't where she wanted to be, however, and they weren't blind to the promise that she was displaying, so on her 27th birthday she got the present of being moved back into the Wizengamot Administration Services office, but not just as a student this time-they made her an aide to the whole panel, a position in which she could soak up all the knowledge and know-how and make all the connections that she needed to someday be promoted to a seat on the Wizengamot herself. Her superiors suspect still that Amelia will someday perhaps go even farther.


working on it!


working on it!


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