Anthony Mulciber (deceased)

The Basics


  • Full Name: Anthony Dominic Mulciber.
  • Nicknames: Tony.
  • Birth date: 5 August 1950.
  • Birthplace: Pembroke, Wales.


  • Date of Death: 6 September 1978.
  • Interment: Mulciber estate. Pembroke, Wales.
  • Cause of Death: Killed by Dorcas Meadows during a battle between Death Eaters and the MLE.
  • Former Alignment: Death Eater. (Legacy Member.)


  • Gender: Male.
  • Nationality: Welsh/French.
  • Height/Weight: 5'11"/170 lbs.
  • Build: Average.
  • Skin: White. Fair.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Hair: Dark brown. Medium-short.
  • Distinguishing Marks: Dark Mark on left forearm.

Magical Information


  • Status: Pureblood.
  • Wand: Bloodwood. 12 inches.
  • Wand Core: Unicorn hair.


  • School: Hogwarts.
  • House: Slytherin (1967).
  • Best Subject(s): Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • Worst subject(s): Charms.
  • Favorite Professor: Horace Slughorn.
  • Least Favorite Professor: Pamona Sprout.


Anthony’s usual behaviour could only be described as composed and reserved. He’s a firm believer of the power of persuasion, and thus prefers to demonstrate his power by manipulating the thoughts of his opponents and inflicting his intimidating eloquence. He specializes in the Imperuis Curse, and aspires to excel in Occlumecy, to get a better understanding of the human mind. He’s strictly non-violent, unless he’s well provoked, and his tone is always quiet and calm. His dressing style is wholly elegant, and he’s never seen without his family-crest golden ring.


  • Likes: His family; Power; Mind control; Occlumency; The dark arts; Means of persuasion; Independence.
  • Dislikes: Emotional gestures; Mudbloods; Squibs; Bloodtraitors.

Life Goals

His only ambition is to continue the struggle for the vision his father before him had believed in, and in serving the Dark Lord, he knows he’s on his way to accomplishing it.



  • Zodiac Sign: Leo.
  • Zodiac Symbol: Lion.
  • Zodiac Element: Fire.
  • Zodiac Quality: Fixed.
  • Ruling Planet: Sun.


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and rules the back, the spine, and the heart. Positive traits include creativity, charisma, generosity, warmth, enthusiasm, a natural talent for leadership, and a great deal of inner power; negative traits are haughtiness, snobbery, an expectation that one is the centre of attention and should be waited on by everyone else, profligacy, lack of realism, dominance that can lead to bullying, and a refusal to change one's mind even in the face of solid facts.

House-Specific Traits

Slytherin Leos can be either very good, or very bad. At their best, they exemplify all that "nobility" is made of: confidence, openness, charm, initiative, generosity of spirit, wisdom, judgment, and poise. At their worst, they become elitist, bullying bigots. How they end up depends on the company they keep, and how they are encouraged to act early in life. Either way, they never lack attention - it's hard to ignore a Slytherin born under this sign. These Slytherins usually end up in positions of responsibility and leadership, because of their charisma and natural ability. Their creativity and drive also makes them very resourceful.


The Family


A Pureblood wizard who’s one of Voldemort’s early followers. He comes from a wealthy family, which allowed him to devote himself to the service of the Dark Lord without the need to hold a job. Barnett believed in tough love, when it came to his two sons, and was always strict that harsh when it came to their upbringing, the exact opposite of his behaviour with his youngest daughter. Anthony hated that, at first, but became to realise that his character’s strength was only a result of that, and his respect for his father increased a good deal.


A pureblood housewife. Emily has always considered Anthony to be her favourite son, and was not afraid to let it show. She favoured him in front of all her children, and even criticized the other two constantly to emphasise how good of a son Tony is.


Anthony is closest to John, despite the age difference, and they’re rarely seen without one another. John seemed to have received all the temper Anthony lacks, and none of the level-headed composure, and they’ve always thought that they complete each other. Laura, on the other hand, was rather disliked when they were young, partly because she was most obviously their father’s favourite. But as he got older, Tony realized the depth of his affection for his younger sister, and instead of picking on her, be transformed into the overprotective older brother.

Social Interaction

Anthony is very polite and pleasant around anyone who he deems respectable. He is very well liked in the best of wizarding society, as well as around his colleagues in the Ministry or Magic. However, his social interaction rarely goes deeper than business meetings and official gatherings, and his close friends are very few. He hardly ever leaves time for pleasure, and focuses most of his time on his ministry job or his Death Eater duties, and so his usual company is those who share the latter with him.




  • Barnett Elmar Mucliber - father.
  • Emily Mulciber (nee Montague) - mother.




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  • Journal Name: tonymulciber
  • Player: Paloma
  • PB: James Franco.

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