Bellatrix Lestrange


  • Name: Bellatrix Lysandra Tisiphone Lestrange
  • Nee: Black
  • Birthdate: 14 December 1952
  • Nationality: English, French
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin, Class of 1963
  • Occupation: Socialite
  • Alignment: Death Eaters



Toujours pur: that seems to sum it all up. Being the eldest and (in her honest opinion), the most geniune of the Black daughters, she has adopted her family's blood prejudices and pride of their heritage, and enthusiastically, at that. It can even be said that she takes it to a bit of an extreme, being one of the most loyal followers of the Dark Lord. This says a lot for her determination and fidelity—she would live, kill, and die for what she believes in and once she starts believing in something, you won't be able to get her to stop. She'll be a devotee for life, and a frighteningly obsessive one at that.

Bellatrix was a Slytherin and always will be, in the worst (or best) sense of the word. She's ambitious like most people in her house are, but she's also, unlike most, an absolute epitome of evil. While it is nearly impossible to call someone wholly evil, if there ever was a person that was, it's Bella. She has a complete lack of compassion and would just as soon kill a defenseless Muggle family as she would a member of her own family if they upset her. She always poured her heart and soul into being the ideal Slytherin student-at least, in her eyes-and she has no hidden cruel tendencies and never shows any mercy to any of her enemies, as if her heart were as black as her name. When there was another house to hassle, she always did it in a cool and conscise manner, in a completely detatched and malicious way that only she can seem to accomplish. She loves to feel superior-actually, it would be more accurate to say that she thrives off it-and it gives her the type of adreneline rush that only coldblooded murder can top.

Bellatrix believes that loyalty and consequences go essentially hand-in-hand with one another-if you're with her, you will earn her full devotion and if you are not… take your worst nightmares and magnify them by ten-thousand and you still will have only an inkling of an idea the hell you'll get in return. Examples of people who are in her good graces are those Death Eaters who have been most loyal to the Dark Lord and such people as her sister, Narcissa, and cousin, Regulus, both of whom she coddles. It is almost amazing to see how quickly her love can change to hatred, however, as is evident in the case of her other sister, Andromeda. Andromeda, too, was treated with the adoration and attention that Narcissa constantly recieves, but the second she married off, the thin line holding Bellatrix's love snapped violently and went to a nearly tangible desire for the worst death possible for the traitor.

One thing you will never be able to doubt about Bellatrix is her pretentiousness, which she takes no measures whatsoever to hide. Some would say her claims are well-justified-with her inheritence of the Black family's natural good looks and old magic and money, she doesn't have to be told to know that she's naturally better than everyone else. The only person she will ever consent to bow to and show humility to is her Master-and even then, she seems to retain an impossible air of imperialism that she carries with her at all times. She makes sure that her chin is perpetually lifted and her shoulders are drawn back in an elegant manner and from underneath her thick eyelashes, you will see a pair of icy blue eyes that betray none of her emotions-and it is there that the madness and bloodlust can always be seen.




  • Cygnus Pollux Black - father
  • Adelophus Lestrange - father, in-law
  • Druella Araminta Black nee Rosier - mother
  • Callidora Lestrange - mother, in-law



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First of three daughters born to Cygnus Black and Druella Black (nee Rosier), Bellatrix was born into a very affluent and also very proud family. She was very much the daughter of this legacy, from the moment she was born taking on the collective attitude of her family and easily and unquestioningly accepting their heritage and beliefs, with what some could call an almost maniacal passion and fervor.

Growing up, Bella did not have any friends outside of her social circle, but she didn't lack for friends, either, even though she didn't very much care for socializing with the other children. Even as a young child, she was extremely mature and looked down on nearly everyone else as being exceedingly stupid and infantile. Surprisingly, however, this did not make others dislike her—quite the opposite, in fact, an odd quality to her personality. At times, this was the bane of her existance, for she more often than not wished people to leave her alone, but it never inconvenienced her when she needed to call on her ties with a person. The only people that she would demean herself to 'play' with were her younger sisters, Narcissa and Andromeda, and her cousins, Sirius and Regulus, all of whom she showed an uncharacteristic affinity for.

She was raised to be a graceful lady by her mother and an exceedingly powerful witch by her father during her early years of homeschooling, both of which contributed to her personality and make her what she is today-a very uncanny mix of two things, but exactly the things that make her the pinnacle of high pureblood society. Early on, she found that she was talented with magic-not that this was surprising, of course-and her parents were all but delighted to indulge her witchy side by allowing her to play with wands and potions and spells long before such things for her were legal.

It was because of her aptitude that Bellatrix was so eager when the time came for her to attend to Hogwarts. Even before she stepped onto the train, she knew that she was a Slytherin and there was never any doubt in her mind that she would do nothing but bring pride and honor to her family in everything she did. She was right. Her marks in classes were always high, she received a total of 10 O.W.L.s (the only one she did not get was Transfiguration, for which she would never forgive Minerva McGonagall), by fifth year she was a prefect, and in her seventh year, she was given the honor of being Head Girl, a position which she used to its full advantage, constantly verbally torturing and taking away points from all the other houses but her own. It was no surprise that Slytherin took the house cup without ease that year. To indulge her more athletic side, Bellatrix was also a member of the Slytherin house Quidditch Team during her seven-year stay at Hogwarts, playing as a Beater for no other reason but the sadistic fact that she loved to cause others pain. Much more than once, Bellatrix was given warnings for excessive violence, which she passed up without as much as the blink of an eye.

As her school years passed Bellatrix by, her tricks and cruelties grew worse and worse until she realized that the Dark Arts was the only way that she could fully accomplish her henious aspirations. Somewhere in the middle of third year, Bellatrix began to look into the Restricted Section of the Library, always stealing away books that no third year-or any normal student, for that matter-would ever be allowed to set a finger on. By the time she was out of school, she had mastered all of the Unforgivable Curses and could perform them with a horrible and disgusting precision. One of her favorite pastimes was venturing into the Owlery and testing out the curses, leaving dead animals in her wake, but never being suspected for a thing.


Once she was out of Hogwarts, there was no question what Bellatrix was going to do with her life. She began an apprenticeship under the Dark Lord, Voldemort, much to her parents delight, and in no time she had passed up many of his senior followers. By the time she was 19, Bellatrix had passed all her trials and was awarded with the tell-tale tattoo of the Dark Mark being imprinted on her forearm. It was possibly the proudest day of her life, and one that she promised herself that she would not ever forget. But acceptance and praise were not the only things of happiness that Bellatrix found by being in Lord Voldemort's ranks-when she was 20, she began to become infatuated with a fellow Death Eater by the name of Rodolphus Lestrange, and they began and lust-driven, twisted relationship, which seven years later would happen to turn into marriage. To this day, her loyalty to the Dark Lord is the only thing that dwarfs her loyalty to Rodolphus (although she does show the latter in a rather strange way at times).

On that note however, there are certain crimes that can cause Bellatrix's loyalty to snap away. When Andromeda defied all the odds and married that abominable mudblooded creature by the name of Ted Tonks, Bellatrix herself put across to her parents the request to hunt down her younger sister and dispose of her properly. However, as someone who was no longer in their lives was of no consequence to them, Bellatrix had to settle instead for watching Andromeda suffer the ultimate disgrace-having her name burned off the family tree. That, Bella would settle for. To her, such a punishment was much worse than death. After this mishap with Andromeda, Bellatrix became one of the most avid supporters of Narcissa's marriage to her proper pureblooded lover, Lucius Malfoy, unable to stand the idea of one more of her sisters falling from grace.


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