Braith Selwyn

Personality & History

If he cares about you, Braith will be unceasingly loyal. It is for this reason that he feels he owes a great deal to his mother now that she's irreversibly ill; he does his best to act as a good head of the family despite the fact that he doesn't feel that he's cut out for the job. Giving back the position to his older brother would have meant disgrace in the eyes of his mother and now that Maddockson is dead, it's no longer an option anyway. He's still very fond of Amelia Bones, but terminated their relationship mainly because her controversial actions at the ministry were starting to worry him. He couldn't have his family thinking that he was going to wed a dissident. That would reflect poorly on the Selwyn line, and Braith couldn't have that. Despite their break-up, Braith still goes to great lengths to protect Amelia, even from the Death Eaters that he is supposed to align himself with.

When his father passed on and his mother's condition deteriorated, Braith found himself with a great deal of responsibility that he did not fully want (or feel that he deserved). Even now, Braith is resentful of his position in Voldemort's ranks and as the head of his family. This resent does not, however, stop him from doing his best to maintain his family's reputation and its position in the wizarding world, however. He could never bear to fail his ailing mother like that (he suspects that if he began to lag in this aspect, his younger brother would have his head). With such responsibility dropped on him at such a young age, Braith has never had much time to do what he wanted to. Joining the ministry was something that his mother had wished for him, and joining the Death Eaters was something that he was obliged to do because of his background. It wears on him occasionally, but he's become rather good at hiding whatever problems he might have.


  • Name: Braith Rheinallt Selwyn
  • Birthday: May 9, 1951
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)




  • Iorwerth Selwyn - Father
  • Morwenna Selwyn (nee Gray) - mother


  • Maddockson Selwyn - brother
  • Drystan Selwyn - brother


Love Life

Significant Other(s)

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  • Player: Lettie
  • PB: Alex O'Laughlin
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