Brianna O'Hara


  • Name: Brianna Antoinette O'Hara
  • Birthdate: 29 June 1961
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Hufflepuff, Class of 1979
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



Brianna is your typical redhead. Spunky, hot-tempered, independent, and sassy, her personality is certainly one to be reckoned with, and is generally very overwhelming to those around her. While being sweet and silly come easily to her, so do being bratty and sarcastic, and she's that one girl you wanted to make sure you never look at the wrong way. When she gets a grudge, she holds it-for example, when Vivica Avery beat her out to Head Girl, Brianna continued to resent her although the damage was irreversible.

In a perfect world, she probably would have been born an only child. Having an older sister, while wonderful, is also her great bane in life. Both strong of personality, Brianna and Fiona clash almost constantly, mostly due to her sister's stifling overprotectiveness over her. All she wants is to feel a little recognition and independence, which are two things she feels like she never gets out of Fiona. This causes her to oftentimes be overdramatic and rebel-she once ran away in a marvelous flourish over one such argument, proving at the same time that she's not yet mature enough to deserve what she requests of Fiona.

When they aren't fighting, though, the O'Hara sisters are the best of friends and are certainly a force to be reckoned with. They can rant, plot, revenge, and all other sorts of things that good sisters should be able to do together. While their likeness to each other can get in the way of their sanity at times, it's also what makes them so close-and it does keep their relationship interesting, at least.




  • Franklin O'Hara - father, deceased
  • Diana O'Hara - mother, deceased



Love Life

Significant Other


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Past Relationships

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Best Friend



  • Slytherins, mostly. She's really bitter towards Vivica Avery-pretty much anyone from that house but Zach, it seems.



Brianna Antoinette O'Hara was born on June 29th, 1961, becoming the second and last child of Franklin and Diana O'Hara, four years the junior of her sister, Fiona. It was a happy family, with plenty of love and fun and good times, but unfortunately that could not last for long.
Brianna was only three years old when her mother perished, an event which threw the small family into a death spiral of disaster. Frank was left a general bum of a father by the loss of his wife, and he made it a habit to drink and beat Fiona at every chance he got. The toddler-aged Brianna was only saved this horror by her sister's brilliant job of covering it all up (and taking many a blow for her), and she would remain oblivious until Fiona left for Hogwarts.

Frank's rage was easily turned on his youngest daughter, who for four years was traumatized by the violence she had inherited from her older sister—and yet, she thought that she had no one to blame but herself. During that time, she devoted her entire being to making her father happy and trying to redeem herself for things she had never done, wanting nothing more than to earn his love back. Brianna could never stop herself from seeing her father as the man he was before, and no matter what he did, she knew she would always love him as her daddy. Having never truly known her mother, Frank O'Hara was the only parent she had, and he thus became the only person that she would ever put aside her strong-willedness and temper for.

It was a breath of relief to escape the hellhole her home life had become when she got to Hogwarts at the age of 11. Besides being back with her sister, she was away from the day-to-day violence and fear and had finally found a place where she felt like she didn't have to watch her back all the time. She relaxed easily into her own little niche in Hufflepuff house and quickly made friends with her roommates—however, much of the time, she felt she was living in her Fiona's shadow. Independent of spirit, she despised being 'Fiona's little sister' all the time, and despite of all her love for her, had a great weight lifted off of her shoulders when the oldest O'Hara girl graduated.


At the end of Fiona's seventh year, the two sisters escaped in secret together to a flat in London, leaving Frank with no idea of where they might be. During that time, her older sister worked a lot to keep Brianna in school, trying not to use up the insurance money that their father had given her. In the meantime, Fiona began to become close friends with Grayson Wilkes, who quickly learned of the wrongs that Frank O'Hara had committed against his daughters. He took it upon himself to kill the man, although neither sister knows this for sure, and the general story around the household is that he died in some pub brawl.

Brianna was broken up over her father's death for a long time, which put on her a stress which led to a great deal of clashes between she and Fiona, one which ended in the teenager running away in anger and with great dramatics. Generally, however, her problem with her sister is that she feels that she is far too overprotective of her, which, while true, is a belief fueled mainly by her strong wish to be independent and recognized as a capable witch.

As Brianna would come to find, her seventh year was much better than the rest of her school career had been. She was dating Zach Sloper (and could finally stand him, which was quite a relief), she was captain of the Quidditch team, Fiona married Tom Finnegan and got pregnant, and although she still loved her father, she began to realize how much better her life was without him in it. The only thing that put a damper on her year was the fact that she didn't get Head Girl, the title that she and the rest of the school had been convinced that she was a shoe-in for. She stayed bitter over that, but with everything else good going on in her life, there wasn't too much to complain about.


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