Caradoc Dearborn


  • Name: Caradoc Evan Dearborn
  • Birthdate: 26 October 1958
  • Nationality: Welsh
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin, Class of 1977
  • Occupation: Being cool
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix [sometimes]



At a very young age Caradoc understood that there was no one he could/would trust or depend on. Both of his parents never gave him too much thought, so he became very self-reliant and self-dependent. So much so that when his younger sister Juliet was born, it was mostly up to him to make sure she was not brainwashed to their parents liking and grow up right. Even though they were never around and only used their two children as two living props. And for that, Caradoc grew to almost loath his own parents (also for giving him such a ridiculous name), vowing that the day he turned seventeen he would move out, and bring his sister with him.

But with this new decision came an arrogant new personality. Even though Caradoc mostly does know what would be happening around him, he constantly would act as if he knew about it, and everything concerning it. People suddenly seemed very below him and unimportantly stupid. His personality showed this- and Caradoc didn't care. He didn't care what other people think of him, or honestly anything else. Because to him, he had figured everything out. There were no more mysteries, and he became very bored with life in general. Hence the uninterested attitude and lack of respect for any other person. But don't get him wrong, Caradoc still does whatever he pleases. There will never be a time when he is forced to do anything he doesn't want to do—- and when that rare occasion arises, least to say all hell breaks loose.




  • Jill Dearborn - deceased
  • John Dearborn - deceased



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Caradoc Evan Dearborn is the first born heir to the Dearborn family. The family has had a long line of Pureblood Slytherins and Ravenclaws, so obviously the Dearborns are like any other Pureblood family in the respect that they hold themselves high status wise and 'stay with the right crowd.' Though, John and Jill didn't care that much. They never invested in getting Caradoc or Juliet schooling before Hogwarts (the children taught themselves) and only used the two children for family functions like social gatherings. Because of this, Caradoc and Juliet became very close, virtually becoming each other's family; no doubt this is where his protective nature of her was created, and still remains to this day.

At Hogwarts, Caradoc was sorted into Slytherin, true to his personality and fit right in. Well, for the most part. He never tried to fit in or conform, and for that, he became somewhat popular in his house. Though he still kept mostly to the people in his year; Emmet Belby, mostly. The two became friends toward the end of their first year and Caradoc found that he liked Emmet over Evan Rosier and Orpheus Travers because he hardly talked and was more sane than any other person he had met. In his third year, Caradoc tried out for the Quidditch team and got a spot as Chaser. In his fourth year, he was made captian and won two cups under Slytherin.

All during his Hogwarts career, especially in his seventh year, Caradoc had teetered on the idea about joining the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort. It was almost expected of him, but of course, that had never stopped him before. Toward the end of his seventh year, Caradoc still hadn't made up a decision even with pressure from his family (the only time) to establish his life. Which including finding a girl to marry. Girls had never been a problem for Caradoc, but being married was another thing. He didn't particularly believe in love, or even see the point in getting tied down to one person. So obviously the set up and highly publicized marriage with Mackenzie Loftus did not work out well; the forced engagement only lasted for a few weeks. After leaving school, Caradoc disappeared (he finds he is good at doing that) without a word to travel across Europe, avoiding outside pressures from the Dark Lord, basically. It worked, no one bothered him when he returned in September.

But then, Caradoc met Dorcas Meadows. And he was shockingly invited to join the newly forming Order of the Phoenix.


But then, he was finally pushed to become a Death Eater. Which he did not appreciate at all; no one forces Caradoc Dearborn to do anything.

Things started to happen very quickly, and he soon found himself becoming very tangled with Dorcas (which proved to be even worse as she was becoming an Auror, and had no clue about his mark) all while attending Death Eater events. He was angry, to say the least, being out of control of these situations. So when the occasion arose to get revenge in the form of foiling one of Lord Voldemort's extensive plans through tipping off Albus Dumbledore about James Potter's and Frank Longbottom's whereabouts when they had been kidnapped, Caradoc took the opportunity almost giddily. It was only then that he was invited to rejoin the Order, acting as a spy for the Order in the Death Eater ranks.

Caradoc confides in no one about his life, hardly even Albus Dumbledore, telling him only vague or nothing at all things about Voldemort's plans and Death Eater attacks. His already weak relationships with people have become weaker, but Caradoc shows no care to them. Though now that he and Dorcas are something of a complicated thing (he goes away, he refuses to admit to liking her, she denies it, they get together, she leaves, etc.) he is becoming more involved in relationships with people again, much to his dismay. He has an awareness that his life could end very shortly, and really, doesn't seem to effect him that much. Honestly, Caradoc is really just out for himself and trying to get everything he wants along the way.


1976 - 1977

1977 - 1978


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