Cecilia Hooke


  • Name: Cecilia Jasmine Hooke
  • Birthdate: 12 February 1961
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin, Class of 1979
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Death Eaters



While the ideals of pureblood supremacy may have somewhat (or completely) escaped her older siblings, they seem to have taken on doubly strong in Cecilia. Yes, she is better than you and no, if you don't act to her preconceived notions of 'right', she will tell you so. It is worth noting, however, that any slight patience that she may have is, at least, afforded to Nick and Adamina-or, well, was is probably more accurate.

Her brother leaving the family in favor of a Muggle was a bit more than Cecilia could take and she snapped completely, shutting him off to her. In truth, this is her way of covering up how hurt she was by what she sees as a personal betrayal. As a result, she had recently become overwhelmingly insecure towards relationships and fears rejection and abandonment much more acutely than before. For this reason, Cecilia is determined to keep a close eye on Adamina. Fearing that almost every little Muggle inclination her sister has is a precursor to worse things, she uses threats of revealing this to their parents to keep her sister 'in line'.

As much as she would like to think she is (and appears to be), Cecilia isn't quite a perfect lady as her parents would like her to be. She would rather believe it against her will that she is a habitual smoker and an alcoholic, because it makes her feel better about doing it so often-yet, she hides it all from the outside world (as she does with the tattoo she got in one of her… ah… worse moments). She hates more than anything to look imperfect in the eyes of those whom she deems important and would much rather not share these nasty little details with people that don't already know them.




  • Mortimor Hooke - father
  • Eliza Hooke nee Lucas - mother


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If you've heard the story of one pureblood family, you've heard them all and it is no different for the Hookes. Cecilia Jasmine was born to Mortimor and Eliza Hooke on the 12th of February in 1961, a year junior to her sister, Adamina, and ten years junior to her brother, Nicholas. Being that she was neither the oldest son nor the oldest daughter of the family, Cecilia was always somewhat more pushed aside than her siblings, which made her much more eager to please than they were. Not to say that the Hookes particularly paid a lot of attention to Nick and Adamina-their whole take on child rearing consisted of buying their children things to make them shut up and otherwise being generally absent. One thing the Hookes refused to be absent for, however, was the strict pureblooded customs that they taught and demanded their children follow at all times.

This is where Cecilia's eagerness to please her parents came in. It was about the only chance she had to catch their attention, so whenever she could she did her best to outdo Adamina-look the most beautiful, talk up the richest and most important men, never make a mistake in her etiquette, dance the classical waltzes with the greatest grace… however and whenever she could show off, she did. It wasn't as if she wished Adamina ill, she just wanted to shine, and each pat on the head her father would give her was worth more to the girl than the gold he showered her in when he couldn't take the time to truly care. Away from her parents' eyes it was a different story, anyway.


At the early age of fourteen, beginning with a sip of something strong at one of Vivica Avery's famous Slytherin house parties, the young lady began to take a downward spiral that in the years to come would consist of alcoholism, a smoking addiction, and, as of one rather blurry night, a barely-concealable tattoo. Cecilia knows that her parents would not approve in the least, and more than anything, she is aware that her future husband is probably going to approve even less. It is for these reasons only, which she sees as infinitely important, that she has tried to stop-numerous times. But she can never shy away from the call of a party, and her efforts usually only last a few days at a time, days which she fears for the painful withdrawals and horrible depression that comes along with them. She hasn't quite come to accept that she just doesn't have the willpower to win the battle over her addictions (and that that tattoo's there for good), because if she doesn't do it, she knows that she's doomed.

After Nicholas' betrayal of the family and his subsequent exile, she's more afraid of following his trail out the door than ever. In the past year, she's put on her whole good-girl act more and more strongly towards her parents, believing that maybe it will make things better when they finally find out about things. She's pushed it on Adamina, too-after discovering her sister's obsession with Muggle comics, Cecilia became infinitely frightened that Adamina was going to betray her and her family as well, and has at numerous times threatened to reveal the comics to their parents just to keep her in line. Even being such a young girl, she really feels as if she's carrying the whole Hooke family on her back-almost everything she does anymore is only to keep her family together and their name untarnished as possible.


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working on it!


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