• Real Name: Mallory
  • Aliases: Cor, Cael, Jaya, Sticks, Jaina, Mal, Hobbitses, etc.
  • Birthday: 13 April 1989
  • Location/Time Zone: Missouri, CST


  • Email: moc.liamg|snave.snevaeh.dooog#moc.liamg|snave.snevaeh.dooog
  • AIM: jedixjaya or caelestis kibeth
  • MSN: moc.liamtoh|21enneilatiellebal#moc.liamtoh|21enneilatiellebal
  • CDJ: caelestiskibeth


Cor joined Valesco in its infancy as Remus Lupin, but her stint was short-lived as life got in the way of her ability to play him too much. She resigned, but later rejoined when Aimee left, taking over Lily Potter halfway through the Marauders' sixth year. Since then, she's been obsessive-complusive and sometimes downright insane over this lovely RPG, including taking on 20+ more characters, and vows that she will never leave it again. ♥ She'd probably die if she did. No, really.



Fun Facts About Cor

  • She is the happiest little Jedi in the world.
  • She is quite fond of tacos and potatoes.
  • She is the best Lily Potter on all of GJ. At least if you believe in slanted popularity contests. She sure likes to.
  • She wishes she were an Oscar Meyer weiner.
  • She does indeed live near copious farms, stocked with copious cows.
  • She has a twin brother, who is also her husband, and the father of her ten children. And gay. She's cheating on him with a lesbian. They had sextuplets.
  • She lives on the Island of Rated Arrrr which is near the farms stocked with copious cows.


  • Leigh says: Cor is the most bad ass person evah.
  • Cristina says: OTP OTP HOY HOY HOY
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