Corner Conway

Personality & History

Corner Conway is an utterly professional man who likes to convey as little emotion as possible when it comes to his job. He believes it to be the only way for him to be taken seriously in the Ministry of Magic and that it is the only true path to serious change. His personal interactions with his daughter are complicated by the fact that she is actually his niece (a fact that will be explained just a little later), but Corner tries valiantly to be a protective father-figure for Iris even if he doesn't see her all that often and hasn't actually told her that he's her Uncle rather than her Father. What he wants most is to be able to protect her and the people around him. Yes, every single one of them. Although he is the Head Auror, Corner has a deep inferiority complex brewing about him: the Wizarding World is going to hell in a handbasket and despite his best efforts, he can't seem to stall it from doing so. It's frustrating and mildly depressing, but he can't bring himself to give up his position or his strategy of trying to make change based on proper procedure.

He had always been fond of authority: of enforcing it, of admiring it, and of subtly altering it. His time as a prefect at Hogwarts saw several policy changes, a fact that encouraged him greatly as a young man. He was grossly disappointed when, after joining the leagues of the Aurors, the requests for hearings that he placed to the Ministry went unanswered. It appeared that he would need more authority before people would listen to him. Somewhere along the way he picked up a wife named Lois (and although Corner thought they were happy, it turned out that at least she was not) and a daughter, Iris. Unfortunately for Corner, Iris had been conceived during a time when he hadn't been intimate with his wife and the math was obvious to him: Iris wasn't his. Still, he felt obliged to treat her as anyone would treat their own daughter. Even when Lois began to spend more and me time with his brother, John, Corner said nothing. Working his way up the ranks of the Aurors took up enough time without him expending time on investigating his wife. By the time that his wife left on a vacation with John (and he had made Assistant Head Auror), Corner had come to some sort of peace with the two's relationships: fortunate, since both Lois and John were killed on the plane that was whisking them away to their mystery vacation when it crashed under mysterious circumstances (to this day, Corner wonders if someone was trying to prove a point to him). Since then, Corner has been trying to raise his daughter without a wife while still trying to change the world through his job. It has proved to be more of a challenge than he first anticipated, and he is more than slightly disheartened by it.


  • Name: Corner Constantine Conway
  • Birthday: December 12, 1931
  • Blood Status: Muggleborn
  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 M)
  • Patronus: Alligator




  • George Richard Conway - Father
  • Jeanine Michel Conway nee Richardson- mother


  • John Conway - brother deceased


Love Life

Significant Other


Past Relationships

  • Lois Conway - wife deceased


Best Friend




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