• Real Name: Cristina
  • Aliases: Cristina XD
  • Birthday: 9 August 1986
  • Location/Time Zone: New York, EST


  • Email: moc.liamg|rettop.gnisahc#moc.liamg|rettop.gnisahc
  • AIM: one3curly8fry
  • CDJ: cristina_lacosa @


Well, I'm 23 years old, have been at Valesco since its very first days, and haven't been able to get it off my mind since :) I love plotting and helping people come up with plots even if my characters aren't involved XD I…am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, the Yankees, Emma, Harry Potter, and my faux-nephew Nicholas :*



  • Leigh says: The most McAwesome McOTP McLover McEver!
  • Cor says: I live on Rated Arr Island, baby, eight days a week. ;]
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