Daniel Twilfit


  • Name: Daniel Oliver Twilfit
  • Birthdate: 30 July 1952
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • House: Hufflepuff 1963-70
  • Occupation: Designer
  • Alignment: Progressive



Daniel may seem like a quiet bloke but he's not. Once you get past the whole 'business sense' of him, Daniel is pretty friendly. He's insanely loyal and kind, which made him right at home in Hufflepuff, though he's always hated the way people view the house. He's never seen himself as a pushover or a yes-man, but someone with values and a strong sense of self. He is a quiet person, not shy, just likes to observe. Daniel is not against speaking his mind and sometimes can be very outgoing when he's trying to sell some of his ideas. Growing up in such a large, loud family, he learned you just had to loud and shove your thoughts out there to be heard.

While he doesn’t make jokes so much himself, he has a great sense of humor and can appreciate other people’s jokes. Daniel is also very slow to anger and doesn’t like losing his temper. He never yells, but sometimes that’s worse in rows when you just need to get everything off your chest. He doesn’t let things ‘fester’ but he does take awhile to think about them, and so sometimes he’ll bring up an old topic, seemingly out of the blue; not realizing it would start just another row. Daniel has that fatal flaw that all artists have, of being a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He can spend days and days on end trying to tweak and retweak a sketch or design. Even though people tells him it’s perfect, he has a hard time getting it off his mind and will lie restlessly for nights trying to figure it out. Eventually he'll work it out or just set it aside for another time, but it generally puts him into what his sisters call 'stormcloud' moods, which generally makes him smile and pulls him out of it.




  • Thomas Twilfit - father
  • Dianna Twilfit - mother


  • Bridget - sister
  • Lisa - sister
  • Megan - sister
  • Wren - sister



  • Oscar Brown - cousin
  • Whit Brown - cousin
  • Stephen Brown - cousin
    • Camilla - cousin-in-law
  • Tattings - cousins

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With four sisters, Daniel grew up never lacking company. There was always something going on, someone yelling or crying or fighting or screeching, and because of his large family (filled with attention seeking, loud, personable girls) Daniel spent his formative years trying to make himself heard. The Twilfits are part owners of Twifit and Tattings, a very fine clothier for the 'elite' (meaning those who can afford it) that was started by his great grandfather. They are definitely not lacking for money, though Dianna and Thomas worked hard to make sure their children didn't grow up as spoiled as their cousins (on either side, really…). As far back as he can remember, Daniel has worked in and around the shop. As a teenager he went from stockroom sorting and ordering to moving up to store-front sales and tailoring. It was really never an argument that he would go into the family business and Daniel never fought it.

His father is more of the 'research and design' kind of man, so his partners, Timothy (his brother) and Doyle Tatting are in charge of the business side of things. Daniel takes after his father, but is more vociferous about his designs and the 'direction' the shop takes. Their dealings with 'only the right people' really irks Daniel, but his father tells him to keep his head down and just let it work, but there's just something wrong about denying someone service because of their blood, when they have the money for it. Daniel keeps out of the way mostly, because he doesn't want to start arguments with any of them, at least business wise. Socially, Daniel is out on the "scene" and the "younger face" of the company. While he's mostly a designer, Daniel does the meetings with younger clients and is in charge of fashion scenes - though are mostly muggle and Daniel is working on making his own line, so he won't have to deal with his uncles' politics.


The Tattings have as many children as his family, only in reverse (four boys and one girl). His best friend is Sinéad, who everyone in their families thinks that eventually she and Daniel will get married, but there's no way in hell that would happen. He loves her, but definitely not in that way. She is a woman, after all. They also grew up together and she worked in the back of the shop with him, preferring to stay out of the limelight that his sisters and cousins were so keen to bask in as models and seamstresses. When they were eleven, just before heading off to Hogwarts, they did promise to marry each other at thirty if they weren't in relationships, but Daniel knows he'll never hold her to that. She's always been the romantic dreamer to his pragmatic nature, and knows she's holding out for that 'one true love', which he is grateful is not him.

Daniel gets on with his immediate family most of the time. Since he has a best friend, he's never really been insanely close to his sisters, although when he was growing up, they dubbed him their toy and have been dragging him around ever since. His sister Wren has the most control over him and he can never tell her no. She'll just pout and plead and whinge and Daniel hates it when she whinges. She's married to Colin Tatting now, but still has Daniel wrapped around her little finger. He's very protective of his younger sisters, who are all aspiring models (Wren, although a pretty girl, never had the body for modeling - too short and dumpy) and very pretty. Daniel hates the way they talk about boys and is pretty sure they do it just to torture him.

He's spent the last year and a half working on the continent, doing "research", but with one of his sisters about to have another baby, Daniel decided it was time to come home.


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working on it!


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