Davy Gudgeon


  • Name: David Michael Gudgeon
  • Birthdate: 31 October 1960
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Gryffindor (1972-79)
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Order Ally



Davy is a happy-go-lucky kid, with a great sense of humor and a love for pranks. He idolized the Marauders and tried to follow them on their ‘missions’ for years. In his fifth he came to blows with James Potter over Lily Evans and broke the friendship. He’s still awkward around James, especially when Lily is there, because it’s hard to be the ex that got dumped for ‘The Great James Potter’. Lily Evans was his first girlfriend, first kiss and first-time to second base. Davy can be very determined and forceful when it involves something he’s concerned about or interested in. He’s emotional and passionate in his relationships, both platonic and non. He’s very perceptive to other people and listens very well, though he’s cute, but terribly dense socially.

Other people are drawn to his magnetic and exciting personality. But, as most Gryffindors, Davy can be jealous and resentful of high achievers, and obstinate when he believes he’s in the right. When he feels there’s ‘a plot afoot’ he can go to compulsive and obsessive lengths to figure them out. He also fits the meaning of his last name, being very gullible and innocent. He gets obsessive about his feelings and can be very, very moody. When he’s depressed, it’s like the whole world is going to end, but when he’s happy, everything is right and nothing can get him down. Davy is very much a surly teenaged boy, his moods often getting in the way of his daily relationships. His Sight and dealing with that peculiar ability affects his attitudes more than he likes to admit, and what he Sees in his dreams often sets the tone for the rest of the day. He’s a jealous git sometimes, hating when other guys hit on his girlfriend and that he has to share his cousin Vinny with not only Gladys and the new baby, but with Vinny’s girlfriend Marlie. It’s tough adjusting to these new changes for Davy, but he is trying and just keeps himself busy so he doesn’t have to deal with it. Avoidance is better than getting into rows, right?




  • Gregory Gudgeon - father (1940 - 1972)
  • Lena Gudgeon - mother (//1942 - 1972)


  • None


Love Life


Significant Other


  • Connor Vincent {02.02.84}
  • Danielle Marlene {01.05.86}
  • Landon Chase {08.04.90}

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Davy was born in Bristol to Greg and Lena Gudgeon on a clear and bitterly cold Halloween day in 1962. He lived a normal, happy and spoiled childhood in Manchester with his parents until he was eleven. His first sign of magic came near his eighth birthday, when all the lights went out and Davy shrieked, causing four of the decorative candles on the table to light for a moment before exploding, sending hot wax all over the wall. Every day life was spent playing with his cousins or the neighborhood kids (they lived in the city proper, while the Greg’s brother George lived in the farmlands south of the city) and evenings were spend in, with the family. The Gudgeon family is a notoriously neutral one, of fairly modest wealth, controlled by the kind, yet strict patriarch Gabriel Gudgeon. Tragically, Davy’s parents were murdered the summer before his first year by minions of Voldemort for reasons unknown. Davy sort of remembers lots of late night visitors with hoods, lots of raised voices and secret conversations that would stop whenever Davy walked into the room. He vividly recalls his parents arguing the day they sent him to visit his grandparents.

A week later they were found in their home, victims of the Killing Curse.

Instead of being sent to the grandparents, where Davy surely would have suffered for social interaction, he was given to George and Gail, his uncle and aunt, to live on their farm. That last bit of the summer was the worst, trying to avoid thinking about his parents and hiding from the ever rambunctious Vinny, who seemed to think he was a cool new toy that needed to be played with all the time. His first year of school was terrible, despite having both Gladys (as Head Girl) and Vinny at Hogwarts. Davy couldn’t be around them all the time since he’d been sorted into Gryffindor instead of Hufflepuff. It had been a strange sorting, Davy’s stubborn nature showing through with wanting to be placed with his cousins and the Sorting Had arguing back just as vehemently that Davy needed to be in Gryffindor instead.

The next few years, Davy grew into his own self, instead of hiding in Vinny’s shadow, even though he was known as the weird one of his dormitory room. Gryffindors being well, stubborn, idiotic and assholes, fourth year Davy bet someone he could touch the trunk Whomping Willow. And he did try, a bunch of their year gathered around the violent tree and Davy did manage to get pretty far before he was caught by a swinging branch in the side of the head. He now carries a large, vivid scar on the left side of his head and while he thinks his Seeing abilities came from this accident, Professor Sominim is very adamant that he was born with the gift and that this event just ‘knocked some sense into him’.


In his O.W.L. year, Davy was stressed to the limits. He had his first girlfriend, and kiss, in Lily Evans, despite some trouble from James Potter. His headaches started getting worse and he was doused up to the gills in pain and blood restorative potions for his nosebleeds as well as getting stressed out about revision for exams. It was Vinny’s last year and as Head Boy had to make sure his cousin didn’t get into too much trouble. But despite the watchful eye, Davy managed to bungle things up with Lily pretty badly, involving an ‘promise’ bracelet, causing her to break up with him at the Valentine’s dance in a spectacular manner. They did try dating again, because Davy was truly sorry for tricking her, but she dumped him for James Potter on April Fools of that year.

He saw someone over the summer and had his first sexual experiences with them, but it wasn’t anything fantastic, but opened him up to be more adventurous, not just with relationships, but with his life. Davy spent pretty much the entire summer running around muggle London and for a sheltered, pureblood boy, he managed to have a lot of fun. When sixth year started in September, Davy tried out for the quidditch team and made keeper (for lack of other talent and probably pity, on James Potter’s part) despite his trouble with depth perception. Davy’s sixth year was rocked by the kidnapping of Head Girl Lily Evans in the fall and the appearance of Voldemort in Hogsmeade. His Seeing abilities were put to the test that winter holiday, when James Potter and Frank Longbottom were kidnapped and he lived through a vision of James in captivity. Davy went to the headmaster about it and even though it was not very helpful in finding the older boys, it got him set up with the Divinations professor and working on training his craft, even though Davy is sure he really doesn’t want to do anything more than be able to control it.

Heading into seventh year with the prettiest girlfriend ever (even though her Professional Quidditch player of an older brother is quite scary still) Davy’s pretty excited. His cousin Gladys just had a baby girl, Gemma, who is quite the poop and puke machine, but he still loves to take naps with her after a long day at work. He’s helping his uncle out at the family farm most days and spends the rest of his time practicing quidditch and art.


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working on it!


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