Desmond Riddock

Personality & History

Desmond is, in some ways, a typical Gryffindor. He enjoys Quidditch (after he learned what the sport was) and dueling just like a proper boy ought to. His penchant for responsibility and repetitive tasks earned him a high-profile job in the ministry as the Attendant to the Minister of Magic: he'll be the first one to tell you that this is code for 'cleans up the Minister's messes no matter what shape they happen to take'. Needless to say that Desmond's work leaves him very tightly wound — and that is why he enjoys relaxing in the evenings. Now, he doesn't go out with the other Ministry workers or pick up a two-six of vodka to calm himself down … no, not at all. He goes to his closet and pulls on a nice, luxurious pair of stockings overtop decadent, lacy knickers.

This is, of course, not something that he shares with people. He knows that his professional integrity would no doubt be brought into question if the common public knew about his evening attire … so he keeps it private. From everyone.

Yes, even his family. It isn't as if he has any other odd quirks: he's 100% heterosexual, he smokes like a chimney and can at least pass for charming in most instances. He is a little quiet, but that's hardly atypical of a ministry worker whose employer spends most of his time shouting at his employee. Work has been especially stressful lately with all of the goings-on at the Ministry, and Desmond has been dealing with the crisis (as far as the rest of the world knows) flawlessly.


  • Name: Desmond Lee Riddock
  • Birthday: June 13th, 1952
  • Blood Status: Muggleborn
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
  • Patronus: Clown fish




  • Merrill Riddock - Father
  • Elizabeth Riddock nee Burkess - Mother


  • Kellan Riddock - Brother


Love Life

Significant Other

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  • Player: Lettie
  • PB: Cillian Murphy
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