Dominic Yaxley


  • Name: Dominic Amadeus Yaxley
  • Birthdate: 2 August 1953
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Durmstrang, Class of 1971
  • Occupation: Assistant to the Head of Department, Department of Magical Law Enforcement
  • Alignment: Death Eaters



There's nothing to be questioned about it—Dominic Yaxley is insane. A sadist, masochist, and pyromaniac all at the same time, his idea of a good time includes going around and killing off his relatives (but only for personal gain; other people are just for fun) and setting things on fire. He's raving mad. Psycho.

Imperial and self-engrossed, he's got an ego the size of Europe and a background to match-being the only son and heir of one of the biggest pureblooded families in England, coupled with his good looks and being one of the Dark Lord himself's most beloved servants gives him just a bit to boast about, as far as he's concerned. His whole state of mind and reason for being is consumed with pride, and he would do anything to preserve his own and that of his family; for example, his determination to make sure that his sister, Rhea, moves back into the estate and finds a husband. He would rather kill someone he loves (that is, to assume that he is capable of loving someone) than see them bring disgrace upon his most treasured name. After all, his name has given him a lot of what he has—he owes his life to it.

Dominic is known in his own inner circle as a master manipulator and great persuader. This quality of his personality lends itself magnificently to his job, as he finds that he often must use his methods of persuasion and cunning political movement to pass through his office mandates and the like to benefit Lord Voldemort, all while making his deluded boss that they benefit the Ministry and the people of the Wizarding World. Dominic's powers of persuasion aren't only used in the workplace, however-in fact, his careful wording and immaculate plans of deception are the way that he won over the favor of his fiancée, Laura Mulciber, and turned her against the ways that she had thought of formerly as right.




  • Oberon Xavier Yaxley - father
  • Annathea Elizabeth Yaxley nee Rookwood - mother


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As one would imagine to be the case with any firstborn son of a pureblooded family, Dominic Amadeus Yaxley came into the world with a silver spoon in his mouth and an unbreakable halo around his head. To his parents, he was the gift sent from heaven, the perfect child, and a status symbol amongst their social circle-it is the greatest need of a pureblood family to have an heir, after all. When his sister Rhea came along a couple of years later and quickly showed promise of being the proper and beautiful pureblooded daughter that society demanded, it set the last perfect piece in place in the perfect puzzle of their perfect family.

It always gave Dominic a certain kind of pleasure that he was treated by his parents with a deal more precedence and favoritism than Rhea was, even if he had no dispute with his sister. The more and more he came to realize both this, and how highly the Yaxleys were looked upon in their social circle, the more and more his ego grew-and how it did. He thought himself so much better than the other children of his age that when he was eleven he decided that his parents should send him to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts-he was certainly not going to lower himself to going to school with mudbloods and the like. Leave that sort of thing to the other, lesser mortals.

In Durmstrang, he was pleased to be able to meet many more wizards of his liking than he was convinced he could have met at Hogwarts. There was no one around to protest when a student was hexed in the hallways, and all of his professors turned a blind eye to their students' dabblings in the Dark Arts. The friends he made shared all of his interests in these sorts of subjects, and they found their fun roaming the halls and grounds, using the weaker students as 'test subjects' for the several nasty hexes and curses that they came up with. Dominc did not only torture the lesser beings (as he called them) of Durmstrang-they could be useful as well. Somewhere around the middle of his third year, he became accquainted rather well with a fellow student by the name of Zotikos Bouloukos, whom from the beginning he found to be extremely easy to manipulate and control. While in the following years Kostos would become something of a decent person to talk to as well, their relationship did not start out in Dominic's perception as the true friendship that Kostos believed it to be.

Upon graduating Durmstrang, Dominic was, as so many other boys like him were, recruited into the ranks of the Dark Lord. He accepted his new position with open arms and a chin held high-one more shining jewel on his crown, as he saw it. Lord Voldemort procured him a high and extremely useful position in the British Ministry of Magic as well, as an aide to the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. From there, Dominic could pass through laws and mandates and the like that would benefit Voldemort under the table-or over the table, so good a liar was he. Even after seven years, his boss still believes that Dominic is the most loyal, honest, and upright young man that could possibly be in his position.


As far as Dominic's love life goes, he never really cared too much about it. He'd shag a few women here and there, but real relationships were pretty much out of the question, especially considering that he knew he was going to be married off sooner or later anyway. That day came sooner, it would seem, as some few months before his 26th birthday, he was told that the search was over and that he would be betrothed to Laura Mulciber, the only daughter of that family. At first, the prospect wasn't so horrible-he was, after all, good friends with her brothers, Anthony and John. But Laura didn't seem to be as indifferent as he was with the arrangement, and chopped off her hair in order to frustrate him.

Dominic and Laura spent several months of their engagement after that in thorough dislike of one another-he was a heartless bastard, and she was an impudent child. He did wish to win her over to his side (it would be so much easier that way, after all), but had no idea how to until the death of Anthony Mulciber, which revealed that he was a Death Eater. Dominic knew that Laura had been close to her brother and thus found that the pieces were falling into place for him to take the reigns behind her feelings towards him-it was with ease, after such a tragic event, that he could convince her that he, also being a Death Eater, was a good person. To his great pleasure, her newfound lack of complete and utter distaste for him made her, in turn, much more tolerable to deal with-maybe this marriage wouldn't be so bad after all.


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