Elizabeth Bell


  • Name: Elizabeth Anne Fortescue
  • Birthdate: 12 February 1960
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Gryffindor, Class of 1978
  • Occupation: Being Awesome



When Elizabeth was younger, she was a very kind and generous girl. She didn’t like to anger people, and spent most of her time pleasing everyone and being friendly to all she came across. She was sarcastic, sure, but she was still rather naïve and believed in trusting all the people she came too. She was happy, carefree, and thought she would always be that way.

Everything seemed to change for her in her fifth year, however; she returned from the winter hols a completely different person. She was no longer the kind, trusting person she had been before. She wanted nothing to do with people, and spent most of her time shut in her room. She didn’t even talk to her best friend, Lily Evans, for the first few weeks. After a while, she let herself start to talk to her friends again, but she was different then the person she used to be.

Now, Elizabeth is one who tends to speak her mind, whether you want her to or not. She gives you what you don’t want to hear, and while she’d like to say otherwise, it’s not always what you need to either. She comes across as bitchy, and doesn’t really mind it all that much. She’s a bit of a bitter and frightened person deep down, and often is woken up in the middle of the night from severe nightmares.




  • Florean Fortescue - father
  • Bridget Ellinor - mother


Love Life


Significant Other


  • Kathryn Coira Bell - May 20, 1979

Past Relationships


Best Friend





Elizabeth grew up in a relatively normal family, she thought. Her parents lived in the small flat above her father’s ice cream shop in London, yet she always managed to completely miss the arguments her parents constantly had, though she wasn’t completely oblivious to the troubles. Her mother was a very driven woman, something that Liz admired but couldn’t understand. While she had her mother’s habit of sticking to something until the very end, no matter how lost the cause, she had never put the stubborn streak above her own friends and family as Bridget had. She loved her mother, of course, but she could tell that things were strained amongst her family.

From the time that Liz was a little girl, she knew that her family was a little less than happy. However, she believed her parents loved each other and herself dearly and that was all that mattered. She played with the other children in her neighborhood, spending most of her time outside of her home, and not realizing that her parents were arguing in the flat just above the street. She was a care-free girl, really, not having ever experienced any hurt or let down beyond being told she couldn’t have a certain toy due to its high price. She was given love, affection, and the things she dearly wanted – including a broomstick on her 9th birthday and her father taught her how to play Quidditch in a local wizard park. Her life was good and she was content with things staying the way they were.

When she left for Hogwarts at 11 years old, Elizabeth was more than prepared. She’d been told just how the sorting would go and taught a handful of basic spells by Florean so that she could know a few things before the others. She had spent weeks before hand studying and wanting nothing more than to be able to show off just how good she was at magic when she got there. Her teachers were, of course, impressed, and Liz was given the praise she so desperately wanted. She wanted to try out for the Quidditch team, of course, but she knew she was too young and didn’t bother trying to break the rules just to be given a chance to be put on the team. So, she waited anxiously for next year when she could actually stand a chance. The rest of her year was pretty uneventful. She passed her classes, went home, and went about her normal routine of playing, Quidditch, baking, and taking pictures of the most random things.

In her second year she arrived at school, excited and fully ready to kick the butts of all the other Chasers competing for the position. Of course, as a 12 year old, she was hardly as capable as the rest of the team, and all the people who had been on it previously were quickly given their spots, and those few that needed to be filled were given to much older and much more skilled persons. Feeling defeated and depressed, she slinked back to her room and tried her best to not act too angry about it all. She went through another relatively boring year, passed her classes, and went home.

That summer was a bit different than normal, though not enough to really cause much of a disturbance in her life. Her parents weren’t talking as much, her mother was working more, but Liz figured it was just due to a strain in the money. Liz’s mother had been offered a new position at work, but it still didn’t make enough to support the three of them and her father’s bakery, so they were always slightly tight on finances. She once again went about with her summer as usual, getting a new set of supplies for school and a new pair of robes, and headed back to school for her third year.


Again she tried for a place on the team and again she lost. Again she went to her room, equally furious, and refused to come out for nearly two days for anything but classes. She was being, to say the least, quite dramatic about it. Eventually she got over it though and tried her best to look forward to the new experiences she would get; she was allowed into Hogsmeade! She had never gotten to go before, her parents never really willing to take her there, but once she had she truly loved it. She took several pictures, drank several glasses of butterbeer, and was happier than she had been in some time. She looked forward to those weekends throughout the whole year as they had certainly become the highlights.

Her fourth year wasn’t much different, though she didn’t bother to try out for the team that year as she had found out just how hard her new classes were. She had taken on only a few hard ones the year before, but dropped a handful and picked up new ones the next year. She quickly found her love for Muggle Studies and was quickly in love with the subject, spending most of her time studying for the tests and writing monstrously long essays. She became particularly fascinated by the muggle forms of photography and quickly began to develop her film so that it wouldn’t move. Highly impressed by the artistic effect, she refused to do it any other way, unless requested so by people who were purchasing her works.

When she went home for the summer, she was greeted with very distressing news. Her parents had separated the month before and while she had known there were problems, the act completely shattered her sense of reality. Liz had been convinced that while they were strained in points, her parents loved each other and were like every other family. She was furious with the decision and spent the next two months not speaking to either of them and spending as much time as she could out of the house. Her father had tried to assure her that it was only temporary, but when her mother sent in the divorce papers in mid-August, Liz had been relieved she hadn’t believed him. He obviously had not seen the decision coming and she couldn’t help but feel rather sympathetic for her father. It was then she decided she would stay with him and only visit her mother on weekends, knowing that it would be the best for both of them.

Returning to school was rather difficult. She didn’t really discuss her family’s problems with anyone and tried to be her normal self – albeit a bit more sarcastic. While her life is far from perfect, she does know that she could have it much, much worse and tries to keep that in mind as she faces each day. With her focus on her studies, she found barely any time to think about her parents issues, and even planned a summer trip with a handful of friends so she wouldn't have to be home for the divorces finalization. She even got a boyfriend - Evan Rosier - who she thought she really connected with (she had gone from a relationship with James that was close to failing due to her refusal to commit to beginning one with him; the refreshing start was always welcoming) She came home in time to restock her school supplies and discover that she had received 9 O.W.L.s - not really caring as you don't need academics to become a photographer.

Her sixth year was going relatively smoothly. She tried out for the Quidditch team once more and finally made it on to the team, and uplifting she truly had needed in the hard times. She devoted all her time to practice and she tried to become one of the best on the team, her drive increased by the ambition she'd gotten from her mother. She was lifting her spirits slowly and agreed to go with Evan over the winter holidays - something that turned into a horrid mistake. Claiming he'd loved her, Evan took a simple make-out session too far, raping Liz agoainst a table in his parents sitting room, and leaving her completely broken. Her trust gone, her emotions shattered, Liz became harsh and bitter to those around her when she returned. She didn't even speak of it again until her seventh year - she couldn't. It was too hard. The only person she even was able to tell was Lily, and eventually Mundugus Fletcher, but beyond that, no one is aware of the events. And she hopes to keep it that way.

Graduating was growing up - she left the school slightly happier, a bit more at ease, but still very cautious and scared. She doesn't know if she'll ever gain her trust back completely, but she's trying. Slowly but surely, she's trying.



working on it!


working on it!


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