Elphias Doge
Full Name: Elphias Elliven Doge
Nickname(s): Elf (by his brothers)
Birth Date: 22 September 1960
Birthplace: Blackpool, England
Race: Wizard
Bloodline: Pureblood

Current Status

Location: Hogsmeade, Scotland
Residence: 4S Equivoke Alley
Occupation: Library Clerk
Full-Time Fighter
Alignment: Pro-Muggleborn
Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix


Nationality: English
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 13 stone
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, Short, Curly
Skin: White
Dress: Wizard Casual
Marks: Order Tattoo

Magical Info

Wand: Hazel, 11 3/4"
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Hand: Right
Patronus: Elephant
Boggart: Argus Filch
Animagus: None


Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Phoebe Doge
Children: Leonis Praecipua: ♂ b. Year
Maxwell Hippocrates: ♂ b. Year
Nicholas Berkeley: ♂ b. Year
Father: Stratford Doge
Mother: Lilian (neé Barlow)
Siblings: Berkeley: bro b. 1950
Mycroft: bro b. 1952
Relatives: Amelia Bones-Doge: sis in-law
Mara Doge: niece
Rosemarne Doge: sis in-law
Best Friend: Dedalus Diggle
Emmeline Vance
Friends: Anneliese Jugson
Bradley Madley
Giada Dorny
Enemies: Evan Rosier
Past Loves: None
Pets: None


School: Hogwarts
Year: 1979 (didn't graduate)
House: Ravenclaw
Achievements: Prefect (7th)
Memberships: Book Club
Defense Club
Slug Club
OWLs Courses: Ancient Runes: O
Arithmancy: O
Astronomy: O
Charms: O
Divination: A
Herbology: E
History: E
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O
NEWT Courses: None
Cetifications: Apparation

OOC Info

Journal: elphias
Player: Ally
Played-By: Penn Badgley


First Impression: Quiet. Awkward. A little strange.

Elphias has yet to come out of his shell, so-to-speak. He is very mild mannered and introverted with little social aptitude. With two loud mouthed and boisterous brothers, he's always shied from the limelight or making a ruckus. Elphias prefers to keep to himself and is much more interested in reading about experimental charms than dealing with the teenage social drama. Overall, he is nice person and decent friend, but few actually see more him outside the bookworm surface. His only friends are Ravenclaws and he'd be hard-pressed to tell you the names of students in other houses. He's also completely oblivious to the Hogwarts dating scene and the House Cup/Points. Elphias doesn't really see a reason to care about such things. He is on good terms with his professors and spends most of his free time in the library reading or perusing the stacks. Elphias does have an extreme dislike for blood purists, but he has never had the gall to stick up for anyone and make his opinion heard. He tends to keep such emotions pent up and relieve the stress by surreptitiously sorting his books.

Likes: Books, charm "tinkering", peace and quiet, the library, shepherd's pie, butterbeer, crossword puzzles, riddles.
Dislikes: Sports, anything pumpkin-flavored, cold weather, cats, broomsticks, bullies, bigots, blood purists.
Fears: Girls, heights, Mr. Filch.
Quirks: Allergic to animal fur. Elphias is an organization stickler that nears on OCD. If a group of something can be put in any sort of alphabetical, chronological, or other defined order he'll fidget until it's fixed.


Elphias comes from a wealthy family of wizards that reside near the coast in Blackpool, Lancashire. Since he was a young boy he has always struggled with wanting to be different from his two overachieving brothers and still manage to live up to expectations. Rather than learning to ride a broomstick or getting into mischief in his years before Hogwarts, Elphias chose to ingest the entirety of the Doge family library. Since he was only capable of comprehending a portion of the material, he was a constant pest with questions. Berk swears that for every gag charm or hex exists he's used it on his little brother at least twice. Though he was a chatterbox at home, Elphias became a introverted clam when he was surrounded by peers at Hogwarts. He was used to being around his brothers who were five to six years older than him. His tendency to have his nose is a book rather than talk to the person next to him also made it difficult for Elphias to make friends. Over the past six years he's become close to his dorm-mates though he still tends to be a loner. Most in his house know that Elphias is whiz at homework, but due to his rarity of speaking up in class other classmates haven't taken much notice. Elphias also has a insatiable passion for charm work and thanks to a little fieldwork with his brothers he's a decent wand for dueling.



Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Zodiac Symbol: The Vestal Virgin
Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality: Mutable, Yin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Keywords: "I analyze."


Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and governs the nervous system and the intestines. Positive traits include a keen intellect, attention to detail, imagination, politeness, disciplined work habits, realism, practicality, skepticism, organizational skill, curiosity, and modesty; negative traits are anal-retentiveness, anxiety, hesitation, an inability to see the forest past the trees, insecurity, and obsessiveness.

House-Specific Traits

Ravenclaw Virgos are skeptical, analytical, mathematically oriented, and sharp witted. Many become great magi, alchemists, and astrologers. These people love ideas and theoretical discussion, and their leaps of intuition can be uncanny. The Earth element makes them shrewd and pragmatic, and keeps them from flying off into cloudcuckooland.

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