Elspeth Bell


  • Name: Elspeth Kennedy Bell
  • Birthdate: 1 January 1962
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Bloodline: Halfblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw, Class of 1979
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Neutral



Elspeth is your average teenaged girl. She's a serious gossip hound and loves to chat with her friends and her favorite pastimes are putting on makeup and reading fashion magazines. This girl majors in Annoying Her Brother, with a minor in Flirting With Boys and Shopping Spree Etiquette and if you ever wanted to find her, it would probably be out on the grounds of Hogwarts scoping out the cute boys with a friend or two. Despite this, she was put into Ravenclaw for a reason. Ellie's not a ditz, nor is she stupid or naive-okay, okay, so she scored way less on her O.W.L.s than every single one of her dorm mates, but they're totally huge genuises! … Right?

With a strong will and a hard head, Ellie always thought she should have been put into Gryffindor and kinda resents that she wasn't. She's a rebel at heart and likes to do a lot of things that bother her brother because they bother her brother-making out with boys and talking about it, reading every gossip mag that comes out about him, spreading gossip about him, the list is endless. But just because she likes to tick him off doesn't mean that they don't love each other and at the end of the day she'll still be the first person to admit to you that she loves it when he comes around to see her and pays her special attention.

She isn't, however, a rebel when it comes to her education. Despite not being the best Ravenclaw ever to walk the halls of Hogwarts, she does still care about doing well in school and getting an education and getting a good job, which was why she was so heartbroken when Davy began to say he wasn't going back to Hogwarts for their seventh year. It's a sign of her more mature side, the one that doesn't come out as often as some of her professors wish it would.




  • Euan Kade Bell - father
  • Isla Coira Bell nee Watson - mother


Love Life

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  • Aww, no hard feelings here! Although she does consider most Quidditch teams to be a rather big exception to this. GO PUDDLEMERE!



It was early morning on September the 13th, 1957 when Ian Callum Bell was born to the young, poor Scottish couple Euan Bell and Isla Watson-Bell in their tiny home in the town of Aberdeen, Scotland. Even being the only child to a struggling family made life hard on all of them. Euan, a half-blooded shopkeeper in Diagon Alley and Isla, a pureblooded homemaker, had much trouble, especially in Ian's younger years, having enough resources to take care of him. However, whatever he lacked for in material posessions was more than made up for in love, and he grew very close to both of his parents, especially his mother.

Life got a little harder at the age of four, when Ian's younger sister, Elspeth Kennedy Bell, was born. It was around that time that Euan lost his shop to a declining market and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The family moved in with Isla's parents in Edinburgh, although that arrangement might have been even more difficult due to her parents' matching lack of wealth. To help pay for their board, Isla took up a job as a waitress when Elspeth was just a month old, leaving the infant and her


brother with their grandparents. Euan procured himself a job at the lowest levels of Gringotts—there was not much pay to be had, but with his wife's job to supplement it, was enough to get them through.

Two years later, just as the family was about to finally move back out on their own, the children's grandfather suffered a massive stroke and died—they decided to stay on a little longer to help take care of their grandmother, but within five months, she had also passed. The ray of light in their situation was that they inherited the house they had been living in, and with the money they had saved up, the family was back on their feet in no time.

Just like any normal, magical child, Elspeth got her Hogwarts letter at the age of 11 and promptly followed in her brother's footsteps by being sorted into Ravenclaw house. Having as social a personality as hers made finding friends within her house simple and she quickly became close to her dorm mates and several of the others girls in her year. However something she did find hard was that she was constantly living in the shadow of her brother, who was already famous throughout the school for his Quidditch skill. While she liked the attention she got from all the older students (especially the boys), she resented being called "Ian's little sister" all the time and never being recognized for her own achievements. It wasn't until her brother graduated that she found some peace, but even after that, as he went on to become a professional player, she found that shadow was back over her. It's just that now she realizes just how much she can use it to her advantage.


working on it!


working on it!


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