Emily Kole

Personality & History

Emily Kole lies, a lot. She's not sure why, or when it started, but she can't seem to stop. There are two people she doesn't lie with, and even then, she doesn't lie about important things. Tucker Kole and Walter Brocklehurst, her brother and boyfriend, respectively. Because, well, they should like her for how she is, not because of the elaborate (and amazingly believable) stories she comes up with right off the top of her head. Maybe that's why the Sorting Hat sent her to Ravenclaw; she's able to think of cover ups that work and wrap around any other story she might have told. Maybe it's because she likes to impress people, as her entire life has been devoted to making her mother happy, maybe it just slipped into her social life. She doesn't know, and she's trying to stop, honestly (can she even say that?), but it's a horrid habit that's hard to get rid of.

She and Tucker were born into a military family, their father having served with Walter's. Always a tight knit group, from what Emily remembered. Her father died when she was only eight, and even though she does have many memories of him, her convoluted stories and tall-tales have instilled the fear that maybe those are fake, too. But she can't bring up her father with her mother, not unless she wants to hear an hour's long tale of his heroisms, or how wonderful of a father he was, or how disappointed he would be at her for going to a magical school.

Both of her parents being muggle, Emily was more than surprised to find out she was a witch (though the random items that appeared in front of her some days, and how she'd managed to dye her hair pink one morning when she was feeling rather bubbly was a good indication). Not as surprised as her best friend Walter, however, who all but fainted when she managed to disappear from one side of the street to the other. Emily's mother was insistent on her not going to Hogwarts, but one afternoon, their mother's brother, 'crazy uncle Leonard' came over, and showed off his own set of magical skills. It turned out that Emily's mother had a wizard for a brother, and had basically abandoning her magical side of the family because she was not a witch.

Did she feel bad about going to Hogwarts when her mother was so against it? A bit, and that's why Emily took the necessary tests and degrees to become a muggle pediatrician, something her mother always said was her 'dream' for her daughter. Emily doesn't mind the work, or being in the muggle world for the most part; Walter's there, she's quite content. But she does want to get more involved in the efforts of the war; her father fought for his country, why shouldn't she?


  • Name: Emily Elaine Kole (EEK, she knows)
  • Birthday: 30 November 1955
  • Blood Status: Muggleborn
  • Height: 5'3''
  • Weight: 124lbs
  • Occupation: Pediatrician




  • Geoffrey Kole - deceased
  • Anne Kole - hotel manager



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