Emmeline Vance
Full Name: Emmeline Josephine Vance
Nickname(s): Em
Birth Date: Novemeber 11th, 1960
Birthplace: Liverpool, England
Race: White
Bloodline: Pureblood

Current Status

Location: Bristol, England
Occupation: Former St. Mungo's Intern
Librarian's Assistant
Alignment: against Voldemort
Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix, founding member


Nationality: English
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 134lbs
Build: Thin, unshapely
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, naturally wavy
Skin: White
Dress: Very prim
Marks: Scar on knee (Evan Rosier)

Magical Info

Wand: Teak, 8 1/4'
Wand Core: dragon claw
Wand Hand: Right
Patronus: Wild Cat
Boggart: Werewolf
Animagus: Unavailable


Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Significant Other: Caradoc Dearborn, (dec? 1980)
Children: Andrew Caradoc ♂ b. 1986
Father: Philip Vance
Mother: Jacqueline Vance (neé MacMillan)
Siblings: None
Relatives: Frank Longbottom
Arcturus MacMillan
Best Friend: Anneliese Jugson
Friends: Juliet Nott
Elspeth Bell
Dedalus Diggle
Elphias Doge
Bradley Madley
Enemies: Evan Rosier
Past Loves: Bradley Madley
Remus Lupin
Benjy Fenwick
Pets: Gulliver (Siamese Cat)
Maximilian (Bernese Mountain Dog)


School: Hogwarts
Year: 1979
House: Ravenclaw
Achievements: DADA club coordinator, beater on quidditch team
Memberships: Slug Club
OWLs Courses:
NEWT Courses:
Certifications: Apparation

OOC Info

Journal: advancingly
Player: Cristina
Played-By: Alexis Bledel


First Impression:

Emmeline tries to be normal. She really does. She doesn't like attention, but when she gets it, she uses it. She doesn't like being put in charge, but when she is, her group's the best and they get the job done. She doesn't like giving advice or being the shoulder to cry on, but will always be there for a friend, no matter if she's not that close to them. They chose her to call on, the professor chose her to lead the group, people chose her to turn to and listen to, so it's turned into something of an hero-complex for Emmeline. She rarely turns down someone looking for help, and while she's quite high-strung and stretching herself too far over many things already, she'll take on the task.

What she likes about herself (which isn't much, really, even with her attitude) is that she can still act like a normal teenage girl, and some times it isn't even acting. She gets silly over quidditch stars and blokes like Gilderoy Lockhart, her boyfriends make her swoon—-no matter the fights they might get into, and sleepovers with her roommates are some of the best nights of her life. Emmeline wants to not have the weight of the world on her shoulders, as she doesn't think she's special enough to actually feel like that, so while she's quick to defend herself, she rarely throws herself into the fray or into the middle of competition to be the best.

It's hard, she doesn't have much ambition for herself to achieve great things, but is willing to do anything and everything for those she loves. Emmeline knows it'll get her in trouble one day (and she's already had her fair share), but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Likes: Reading, writing, dogs, babies, cats, the library, shoes, cooking
Dislikes: Liars, death eaters, cleaning,
Fears: Snakes
Quirks: Lately, her hair is rarely loose;


coming soon


coming soon

Turn Ons: Intelligence, wit, charm, has a slight wooed-by-a-hero-complex
Turn Offs: Stupidity, gross behavior


While growing up, Emmeline tried to run away approximately thirty times. She never made it far, due to the wards around her home, but the attempts were still made, and even at the young age of five she knew she didn't belong in her parents' world. Upper-class purebloods that led the high society life; fancy parties, influential friends, everything you could ever ask for. Young girls often dreamed of the gifts Emmeline received for her birthdays and the wonderful dresses and toys she was given regularly without any reason, but the girl never, in all of her years, wanted any of it. All Emmeline was concerned about was the amount of attention her parents paid her, which was little to none. Her father had wanted a boy to be his heir, and his mother (who'd married at seventeen and had Emmeline within the year) had an absolute horrible time with her pregnancy and refused to have another child. This left both of them with a sour taste in their mouth when it came to children, and little Emmeline took the brunt of this. She was treated like an adult, when behaving like a child she was often punished in an adult like manner (verbal, physical, it was all irrelevant). The second she got her Hogwarts letter (and had to wait almost a year before attending, because of her late birthday) Emmeline knew she would finally have the chance to break away from her parents.

When being Sorted, Emmeline had a bit of an arguement with the Sorting Hat. With her temper and tenacity he'd been teetering on sending her to Gryffindor, which Emmeline immediately retorted against and insisted that the idiots that went into Gryffindor would drive her absolutely insane. With a loud chuckle, the Hat sent her to Ravenclaw, and the girl couldn't have imagined a better fit. Here, people liked to read and learn, and just want to know everything, something that Emmeline could definitely relate to. But, she still had a bit of a Gryffindor streak in her, and often found herself watching students of the other House act foolhardy (mostly the Marauders, whose pranks interested her greatly) and wondered what her life would've been like if she'd allowed the Sorting Hat to send her to the lion's den.

She'd probably be dead by now, with the way Gryffindors seemed to jump into things.

In her fifth year, Emmeline rekindled a relationship with her second cousin Frank Longbottom. The two had spent many a boring party together when younger, but had always seemed to irk the daylights out of each other. They only started talking again because Emmeline was showing a certain interest toward Frank's best friend, Benjy Fenwick, but after a few months, she came to find Frank as a brother, completely relying on him for personal issues and trusting him with mostly everything (she couldn't exactly ask him about snogging Ben, now could she?). She cherishes their relationship and will do anything for Frank, even if it means getting in trouble herself (which she's not really afraid of, anymore).

Ben, Ben, Ben. They were together for a little over a year before a strain on their relationship (named Barty Crouch Jr. and Ben's sudden change of personality) broke them apart. At first she hated him for changing so drastically in such a short time and for putting her through so much stress, but now, almost three months later, Emmeline is quite content with her single life. She still loves Ben very much, but the pain of the breakup has become a very dull ache in her heart (it usually throbs when she sees him talking to another girl in the hall, or catches herself staring across the Great Hall). Ben managed to help Emmeline break out of her shell that she'd created; she had always wanted to be bold and say what's on her mind, but was terrified of making a mistake. Ben helped her get over that fear, and she'll always appreciate that (he also boosted her self-esteem a lot, she does think she has the ability to be sexy, which was a scary and far fetched idea a year ago.)

With the start of the Order, Emmeline has felt a new revival in her 'acting out' emotions. Oh does she ever feel like acting out, and the Order has placed on her something of a reason. She finds that it is the reason she never fit in with her family and their friends, and that this will finally be the time where she can make the difference she's always striven to reach. Emmeline's going to make damn sure that the Order does its best against Voldemort and his minions, even if it means getting hurt during the course of it.

In early 1979, Emmeline had a stalker. Not just any stalker, but Caradoc Dearborn, a boy she'd fancied for as long as she could remember. In all the years,

Blood Purity Stance

Believed it (not full heartedly) until she was in her fifth year, now is adamantly against it

First Display of Magic

She banished away her French tutor's lips

Worst School Experience

Awaiting news about Frank's whereabouts, Ben leaving school



Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Symbol: The Scorpion
Zodiac Element: Water
Zodiac Quality: Yin
Ruling Planet: Mars & Pluto
Keywords: "I Desire"


Scorpio is the eighth house of the Zodiac and governs the genitalia. Positive traits include magnetic charisma, ambition, drive, a penetrating mind, curiosity, intensity of focus, emotional depth, consistency, persistence, willpower, and the potential for inner transformation and regeneration; negative traits include selfishness, obsessiveness, vindictiveness, hypersensitivity, ruthlessness, cynicism, an inability to understand the word "moderation," and jealousy. It is said that Scorpios embody both the best and the worst of all that are born under the stars, and that there are three kinds of Scorpios: wicked scorpions, cunning serpents, and saintly eagles. What each Scorpio becomes is entirely up to that Scorpio.

House-Specific Traits

Curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought it back. If ever a wizard exhibited a danger of self destruction from too much knowledge, surely it was a Ravenclaw Scorpio. It doesn't matter whether the pet obsession this week is botany, Muggle pop music, or the history of the Necronomicon, if a Ravenclaw Scorpio wants to know about it, then he will, and damn the consequences: full speed ahead. Indeed, just mention that a subject is "forbidden" and you'll see a peculiar light shine in their eyes. They sneak into locked rooms after dark, and forge passes to the restricted library sections. The lust for arcane knowledge is both the greatest strength of these wizards, and the Achilles heel. It's best to indulge them whenever possible and let the obsession burn itself out; and, when this is not possible, to explain in great detail and absolutely *no* patronizing why the subject must not be explored. These Ravenclaws are quiet and secretive, but don't be fooled by that calm and placid exterior; they have hidden depths.

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