Fenrir Greyback

Personality & History

There's not much to say about Fenrir Greyback other than he is a complete and utter asshole. And this didn't occur after he was bitten (on a trip in Eastern Europe with his former roommate at Hogwarts, Vincent Baddock, who was also attacked. They were twenty-five). He was a terror as a child, being the only child to an elderly couple who thought of him as a gift…that they soon wanted to return. He was just naturally nasty, and there was no way around it. No sort of punishments could calm him down, and when he went to Hogwarts it only got worst. Sorted into Slytherin, Fenrir was immediately surrounded by and obsessed with the dark arts. He loved hearing the supposed 'horror' stories the Hufflepuffs cried about, and often twisted them to make them even more gorey and disgusting than the original tales. His temper was shorter than his attention span (which he has little to none of) and was nearly suspended a few times for fighting, attacking without reason, and scaring the younger students (particularly females). There are many cases that the professors did not learn of, however, for how terrified the victims were of Fenrir getting angry with them again.

Since being bitten, Fenrir has lived off of his parents, who for some reason felt as if it was their fault that their son had suffered such a tragedy. Fenrir never saw his bite as a bad thing, he actually gloats about his status as a werewolf to whomever he feels like. To be honest, he knew quite well that there were werewolves running through the forest that night, and the only thing he might regret about being attacked was that his friend was bitten too. Vincent's the only person from school Fenrir actually tries to keep in contact with, and that tiny conscience Fenrir has does feel for the man; which is why he is fiercely loyal to Vincent, even if he drives him up the wall in five minutes.

Right now, Fenrir's doing his damndest to gain a dark mark from the Dark Lord. Adrian Montague has promised that if he stays loyal, Lord Voldemort will one day grant him membership into the death eaters, so Fenrir does not question Montague's words or missions. He has one goal in his pathetic life, and it's to truly serve Voldemort.


  • Name: Fenrir Balthazar Greyback
  • Birthday: 6 June 1944
  • Blood Status: Halfblood
  • Height: 6'2''
  • Weight: 210lbs
  • House: Slytherin
  • Occupation: professional asshole




  • Richard Greyback - paper pusher
  • Janice Greybak - maid


  • After Fenrir, his parents decided that one was enough.


  • Even if Fenrir had relatives, they would never admit to being related to him.

Love Life

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Best Friend

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