Frank Longbottom
Full Name: Franklin Tybalt Longbottom
Nickname(s): Frank, Longbottom, Frankie (to a select few)
Birth Date: November 17th, 1959
Birthplace: Lancashire, England
Race: White
Bloodline: Pureblood

Current Status

Location: Lancashire, England
Residence: Longbottom Manor
Occupation: Auror
Alignment: against Voldemort; against the ministry
Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix, founding member


Nationality: English
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 200 lbs
Build: Broad shouldered, tall and stocky
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, short
Skin: White
Marks: Scar under left arm (five)
Scar on ankle (seven)
Gryffindor tattoo (fifth year)
Dark Mark scarred into left arm (via Rodolphus Lestrange])
Order of the Phoenix tattoo (1979)

Magical Info

Wand: Reed, 10''
Wand Core: Ashwinder Ash
Wand Hand: Left
Patronus: Big Horned Ram
Boggart: Alice or Neville dead
Animagus: N/A


Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Married
Significant Other: Alice Longbottom, m. 5/25/1978
Children: Neville Longbottom ♂ b. 1980
Father: Marc Longbottom
Mother: Augusta Longbottom
Siblings: Derrick Longbottom (dec.)
Relatives: Emmeline Vance
Best Friend: Benjy Fenwick
James Potter
Friends: Emmeline Vance, Marlene McKinnon (dec.), Sirius Black, Elizabeth Fortescue, Dorcas Meadows (dec.), Sturgis Podmore, Fabian Prewett (dec.), Kingsley Shacklebolt, Derek Dobbs
Enemies: William Jugson
Regulus Black
Ryan Turpin
Past Loves: Agatha Timms
Eliza Alderton
Pets: Mead (Owl)
Trevor (Toad)
Comet (Dog)
Sprinkles (Cat)


School: Hogwarts
Year: 1978
House: Gryffindor
Achievements: Quidditch (beater)
Memberships: Slug Club
Certifications: Apparation
Order of Merlin, Second Class

OOC Info

Journal: __frankish
Player: Emma
Played-By: Ben Mckenzie
Font: Luna Bar


First Impression:

Frank Longbottom, people have come to notice, is not your average person. He is complex, to say the least, starting off with his ‘I-must-save-the-day' attitudes and tendencies, which account to his interest in becoming an Auror. Most of his enemies, per say, do underestimate him greatly, which is really their own cripple, because Frank is turning quite into a powerful wizard. He is not there yet, obviously enough, but it is very evident that his good grades and studies (along with all on hand experiences) are turning him into a perfect Auror-candidate, to say the least. Before when he was younger, Frank wore his heart on sleeve, hence taking everything to heart. Now, coming to a close in his seventh year, the boy is very analytical and tends to keep his emotions in check— for now, anyway.



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Turn Offs: INFO INFO



Frank started off with an average life; a Ministry-working father, a stay-at home mother, and an older brother that loved to terrorize Frank. Despite that though, Frank followed his older brother Derrick around like they were glued to the hip (grudgingly on Derrick's part), and Frank looked up to his brother very highly. But, once Derrick went off to school, Frank was left alone at home, forcing him to create friendships with people outside his family. His first friend was Marlene McKinnon, and soon after that he became to know Emmeline Vance, James Potter, and basically any other Pureblood child that his parents thought he should associate himself with before school started.

And, once school did start— well, Frank didn't exactly have the best frist year. His brother was still at school, ensuring that Frank would be embarrassed as much as possible, and Frank's roommates James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew definitely made sure that Frank was left out of no prank. But, Frank did make one friend that year, Benjamin Fenwick— they soon became fast best friends. With Ben around, his years in the Gryffindor Dorm didn't seem to be that bad, and by their fifth year, all the boys even seemed to come together a bit after all six of them got Gryffindor tattoos commemorating the end of O.W.L.s.

During his sixth year, Frank finally got together with Alice Goodsmith, his long time crush since… basically his first year. And even though they had their problems, him and Alice have basically been going strong since their sixth year (except minor bumps along the way).

At the end of Frank's sixth year, during the summer however, was a real turning point for him. After getting caught in an attack in Diagon, Derrick died (for Frank), and one thing led to another— Frank never went home that summer. He moved around, going from his cousin Emmeline's house, to Ben's, to Dorcas Meadow's to Alice's, to James', back to Emmeline's, and eventually out of the country until starting up school again, feeling extremely guilt ridden. It didn't stop there, however, because about mid-October, it was made known to Frank that Alan Jugson, Will Jugson's brother- Frank remembered going to their house- Derrick and Alan had been friend, had been the Death Eater to kill Derrick, and he soon went to go avenge his dead brother. Alan died, and Frank found himself back at school, feeling extremely guilty and moody. Though, everything still wasn't over because just before Christmas, Frank, along with James Potter, were abducted by two Death Eaters, and sent to Lord Voldemort's clutches, in Paris, where they were held for nearly three weeks until breaking free.

To say the least, the last events have severely changed Frank as a person (sporting a Dark Mark carved into your left forearm does do that to a person), and he is still dealing with everything at this time. Auror tests are coming up and the Order is starting to form, and although Frank doesn't feel ready for anything yet, he is still going to push ahead, and pursue the dreams he had before Christmas.

Blood Purity Stance


First Display of Magic


Worst School Experience





  • February 6th - Alice and Frank make up
  • April 5th - Ben & Frank
  • July 7th - Death Eater attack at Diagon Alley. Derrick Longbottom, Frank's brother, is killed in misfire. Dorcas Meadows saves Frank's life.
  • July 10th - stays to live at the Goodsmith house.
  • July 21st - moves back into the Vance house.
  • September 9th - Attacks [and is attacked by] Alan Jugson. Watches Dorcas Meadows kill him.
  • September 10th - Suspened from Quidditch, for leaving the school the day before.
  • December 23rd - attacked and kidnapped by William Jugson in Hogsmeade. At the same time, James Potter was attacked and kidnapped in his own home. Both were portkeyed to a remote location in Paris, France. It is an attempt to brainwash them into becoming death eaters.
  • December 23rd - they meet Lord Voldemort; he heals them.
  • December 27th - James reveals his animagus abilities to Frank as they develop an escape plan.
  • December 31st - First meeting of the Order of the Phoenix back in Hogwarts.


  • January 2nd - Rodolphus Lestrange carves the dark mark into Frank's arm.
  • January 6th - James and Frank are seperated as punishment for fighting with each other earlier in the week.
  • January 11th - James and Frank escape, and head out into the streets of France, employing as much French that they can remember.
  • January 12th - Auror Taki Bloom finds James and Frank in a local muggle hospital and attempts to bring them back to the English wizarding embassy, but is killed by Lord Voldemort. Albus Dumbledore appears and duels with Voldemort, and the boys are grabbed by aurors and taken to safety.
  • January 18th - Frank is released from St. Mungo's. James stays with the Longbottoms.
  • January 24th - James and Frank return to Hogwarts.
  • February 22nd - James and Frank bury all remains brought back from their Death Eater inprisonment.
  • May 26th - elopes with Alice Goodsmith.
  • June 1st - accepted into the Auror Program at the Ministry of Magic.
  • July 21st - James & Lily get married
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