Gideon Prewett


  • Name: Gideon Aiken Prewett
  • Birthdate: November 5, 1959
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw (1971-78)
  • Occupation: Keeper for the Pride
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



Gideon is quiet and reserved, preferring to spend the time that he’s not on the studying, with his brother flying or being with his girlfriend. He likes to think he doesn’t have any vices, though he often gets pulled into going drinking with his brother when they’re get together. He also bites his bottom lip, when he’s thinking (but only licks them when he thinks about Gleny), but has found a salve to rub on it so it doesn’t appear to be gnawed on. Gideon is often seen as uptight or ‘anal retentive’, and only really relaxes around his family or close friends.

He can be charismatic when need be, but he’s so focused on work, that his insatiable curiosity and ambition for knowledge take over his personality. He’s got a great mind, and is incredibly persistent, though is often selfish in his pursuit of knowledge, and obsesses over small details that often get him off track. He has a hard time understanding what moderation means when it comes to knowledge and gets incredibly jealous sometimes, most often of his brother and his carefree attitude. He has an underlying jealousy of James Potter and all things related to him, including Lily Evans. It has definitely cooled off in the past year, but he still gets really twitchy when Gleny and James are mentioned in the same breath.




  • Arden Prewett - father
  • Abigail Prewett - mother



Love Life


Significant Other


  • Tristan Everett - 8.01.1979

Past Relationships

  • None


Best Friend





Gideon grew up with his brother, sister and parents in Manchester, England. Their older sister, Molly, was incredibly disappointed that Gideon and Fabian kept to themselves, and stopped playing along with her attempts to get them to play house with her, early on. Despite their personality differences, Gideon and Fabian got along great. Gideon was often more soft spoken than his siblings, and thought his actions through, before committing them. Often getting flack from his brother, for being too cautious and too much of a Hufflepuff.

He played as Keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and iwas Captain his last year, his skills coming from training with his brother, though he focuses more on his grades than sports. He spends a majority of his time at playing quidditch and worrying about his family and wife Gleny Chittock. He wanted to work for the Ministry working in the Department of Mysteries for the Committee of Experimental Charms but the need for able-bodied young workers had Gideon looking more to the Department of Magical Catastrophes as an Obliviator or the Department of Mysteries, to mostly please his father. But with the end of his school career, he’s become more focused on Quidditch and took trials with several teams before signing with the Prides in Scotland.

After attacks on his brother at the Quidditch World Cup trials in January of 1978, Gideon proposed to Gleny, his girlfriend of a year, and despite protests from her family, they planned on getting married sometime after school, but after getting stable jobs and planning things out a bit more. He couldn't wait to marry her and make her a Prewett and even though he knows they’re only eighteen, he also knows that you only get one chance at a love like this in a lifetime. Despite arguments and rows throughout the planning stages, the wedding went off without a hitch and they're currently on their honeymoon in Saint-Tropez.



star sign: SCORPIO.
symbol: Scorpion
element: Water.

scorpio in depth: Scorpio is the eighth house of the Zodiac and governs the genitalia. Positive traits include magnetic charisma, ambition, drive, a penetrating mind, curiosity, intensity of focus, emotional depth, consistency, persistence, willpower, and the potential for inner transformation and regeneration; negative traits include selfishness, obsessiveness, vindictiveness, hypersensitivity, ruthlessness, cynicism, an inability to understand the word "moderation," and jealousy. It is said that Scorpios embody both the best and the worst of all that are born under the stars, and that there are three kinds of Scorpios: wicked scorpions, cunning serpents, and saintly eagles. What each Scorpio becomes is entirely up to that Scorpio.

the ravenclaw scorpios: Curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought it back. If ever a wizard exhibited a danger of self destruction from too much knowledge, surely it was a Ravenclaw Scorpio. It doesn't matter whether the pet obsession this week is botany, Muggle pop music, or the history of the Necronomicon, if a Ravenclaw Scorpio wants to know about it, then he will, and damn the consequences: full speed ahead. Indeed, just mention that a subject is "forbidden" and you'll see a peculiar light shine in their eyes. They sneak into locked rooms after dark, and forge passes to the restricted library sections. The lust for arcane knowledge is both the greatest strength of these wizards, and the Achilles heel. It's best to indulge them whenever possible and let the obsession burn itself out; and, when this is not possible, to explain in great detail and absolutely *no* patronizing why the subject must not be explored. These Ravenclaws are quiet and secretive, but don't be fooled by that calm and placid exterior; they have hidden depths..



  • Journal Name: gideon formerly potenspreliator
  • Player: Alter
  • PB: Prince Harry
  • Previous PBs: Callum Blue, Ashton Holmes
  • Font: Fright Night
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