Ian Bell


  • Name: Ian Callum Bell
  • Birthdate: 13 September 1957
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Bloodline: Halfblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw, Class of 1976
  • Occupation: Professional Keeper, Puddlemere United
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



Ian is a pretty laid back kind of guy, for the most part. Due to his modest upbringings, he appreciates what he has, even though he has at times been known to let the fame get the best of him. He is a people-person and loves to do interviews and public relations deals, as well as go out partying with his friends every night. He has a very large, loose circle of friends and even though he knows that half of him only like him for his money and fame, he enjoys the ease of it all because he has an inherent need to always be around someone. However, because he knows that he can't trust most people, he doesn't confide in many and it's very difficult to get information out of him, especially if it's personal. He's a master actor and is very good at hiding his feelings when he doesn't want them to be seen, which is a great quality when you're constantly in the limelight.

In the past, Ian was never exactly known as a responsible type of guy. He often did things he regretted later and normally only begrudgingly took responsibility for his actions. He really liked woman and the life of a bachelor and liked to play with women and then throw them out the next day. Being a single, attractive, wealthy twenty-year-old affected his personal choices and somewhat lack of maturity quite a bit, but he looked at it as that he just wanted to live his life to its fullest while he was still in his prime. Like many men his age, committment was the devil's work and he didn't plan on being tied down by anyone or anything very soon.

That was all thrown out the window when he met a remarkable young woman by the name of Elizabeth Fortescue. Since Hogwarts, she was the first real relationship he had been in and he genuinely wanted to change and not hurt her like he had done others-he wanted to be with only her… The fact that she was soon after pregnant with his daughter only helped him to realize exactly how much he loved her. For the first time since he had become a star deciding that he was going to be a man about a situation, he asked Liz to move in with him, and a second later dropped onto one knee and proposed. Liz has completely turned him around and if it weren't for her, he knows he'd probably be less than half of the man that he is today. She humbles him and loves him and makes him want to be better than what he is.




  • Euan Kade Bell - father
  • Isla Coira Bell nee Watson - mother


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  • Anyone on the other team-and usually the ref, too.



It was early morning on September the 13th, 1958 when Ian Callum Bell was born to the young, poor Scottish couple Euan Bell and Isla Watson-Bell in their tiny home in the town of Aberdeen, Scotland. Even being the only child to a struggling family made life hard on all of them. Euan, a half-blooded shopkeeper in Diagon Alley and Isla, a pureblooded homemaker, had much trouble, especially in Ian's younger years, having enough resources to take care of him. However, whatever he lacked for in material posessions was more than made up for in love, and he grew very close to both of his parents, especially his mother.

Life got a little harder at the age of four, when Ian's younger sister, Elspeth Kennedy Bell, was born. It was around that time that Euan lost his shop to a declining market and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The family moved in with Isla's parents in Edinburgh, although that arrangement might have been even more difficult due to her parents' matching lack of wealth. To help pay for their board, Isla took up a job as a waitress when Elspeth was just a month old, leaving the infant and her brother with their grandparents. Euan procured himself a job at the lowest levels of Gringotts-there was not much pay to be had, but with his wife's job to supplement it, was enough to get them through.

Two years later, just as the family was about to finally move back out on their own, the children's grandfather suffered a massive stroke and died—they decided to stay on a little longer to help take care of their grandmother, but within five months, she had also passed. The ray of light in their situation was that they inherited the house they had been living in, and with the money they had saved up, the family was back on their feet in no time.

Just like any other wizarding child his age, Ian received his Hogwarts letter on his 11th birthday and was soon gone off to school, sorted into Ravenclaw house. He was easy at making friends and adjusted to his life at school immediately, although he sorely missed his family. During his second year-uncommonly young-he tried out for and was accepted into his house Quidditch team, making the position of Beater. It wasn't for another two years that he was able to procure the position of Keeper, which he had wanted the most and, in no time, proved was the right place for him. It was also during that year that his sister, Elspeth, joined him in the Ravenclaw house at Hogwarts.

Ian graduated without any special honors or even decent O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. scores, but he did leave with an invitation to try out for the Appleby Arrows, a professional Quidditch team. The new graduate made it in without a problem and after a year of playing under their colors, was transferred to the team he had truly wanted to be on, Puddlemere United. With the money he received from his contract, he decided to go out and buy his parents a new, possibly overly large mansion back in Aberdeen and intends to take care of them as they took care of him through his childhood.


As nearly all young stars do, Ian threw caution to the wind for a phase and decided to live the lifestyle of a young, famous, and very wealthy bachelor. A new woman every night, drinks, partying, and all that-but he didn't have any real friends, he noticed, and it was something of a lonely existence when he really got down to it. His life did a complete 180 when he met Gryffindor student Elizabeth Fortescue in Hogsmeade one weekend, and for the longest time he couldn't understand why he was completely compelled to this girl-he absolutely couldn't stop thinking of her. Finally, after several confrontations, nice and not-so-nice conversations, and a stolen kiss, Ian realized that he was rather attracted to her, and for once it wasn't just for her looks; he really loved her as a person.

Ian and Liz started dating about halfway through her seventh year at Hogwarts, which was difficult for the distance but survivable. That summer after her seventh year was when things really began to get serious between them, all culminating in one night, August 10th, in which they decided to leave Puddlemere's first match victory party and have some-ahem-time to themselves instead. Little less than a month later, Liz came to Ian with news that their recklessness and drunkenness had resulted in a little life, a little girl that was to inexplicably be his daughter.

Ian didn't know what to think at first, but eventually once he thought down the lines of marriage (although she had forbid him from proposing because of the baby), he realized that maybe there was a reason that this girl was coming into their lives, and he discovered that he really, honestly did love this woman that was carrying his child. He decided very quickly that he was going to ask Liz to marry him.


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working on it!


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