James Potter
Full Name: James Randall Potter
Nickname(s): Potter, Prongs (to a select few)
Birth Date: March 27th, 1960
Birthplace: Godric's Hollow, Wales
Race: White
Bloodline: Pureblood

Current Status

Location: Surrey, England
Residence: Unavailable
Occupation: Former St. Mungo's Intern
Full-time Fighter
Alignment: against Voldemort; against the ministry
Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix, founding member


Nationality: Welsh, Italian, French
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 175lbs
Build: Thin
Eyes: Hazel, wears glasses
Hair: Black, short, messy
Skin: White
Dress: Very casual now that he's home all the time. Almost preppy when he goes out
Marks: Scar on cheek (via Severus Snape)
Gryffindor tattoo (fifth year)
Dark Mark scarred into left arm (via Aland Avery)
Order of the Phoenix tattoo (1979)

Magical Info

Wand: Mahogany, 11''
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Hand: Right
Patronus: Stag
Boggart: Lily or Harry dead
Animagus: Stag


Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Married
Significant Other: Lily Potter, m. 7/21/1978
Children: Harry Potter ♂ b. 1980
Father: Charlus Potter
Mother: Dorea Potter (dec. 1977)
Siblings: None
Relatives: Dorcas Meadowes (dec.)
Best Friend: Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Peter Pettigrew
Frank Longbottom
Friends: Fabian Prewett (dec.)
Benjy Fenwick
Elizabeth Bell
Marlene McKinnon (dec.)
Sturgis Podmore
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Enemies: Severus Snape
Adrian Montague
Ryan Turpin
Past Loves: Marlene McKinnon (dec.)
Pets: Wilbur (Black Labrador)
Galatea (Persian cat)
Ziti (guinea pig)


School: Hogwarts
Year: 1978
House: Gryffindor
Achievements: Quidditch captain
Head Boy
Memberships: Slug Club
OWLs Courses:
NEWT Courses:
Certifications: Apparation

OOC Info

Journal: misterprongs
Player: Cristina
Played-By: Milo Ventimiglia


First Impression:

James has quite the arrogant air floating around him. He’s always walking with his head held high, and a constant smirk on his face that could turn into a smile or a glower; depends on what’s going on. James is always in the middle of things, whether he likes it or not (he usually likes it), and finds that even though people ‘hate him’ they manage to find themselves starting something with him.

He’s just that damn cool.

James is, quite frankly, a Gryffindor. He fits all the stereotypical qualities of a Gryffindor with incredible grace, and manages to not be overwhelming (he used to be overwhelming, extremely, annoyingly, overwhelming; just ask Lily). James likes to be loud, but he likes to be loud for a reason. There’s no point in shouting out nonsense when everyone already thinks you’re a bit off your rocker; you’re just proving the point, then.

He’s extremely loyal to any and all of his friends. Of course, Lily and the Marauders are the ones that he runs to first and will always take their side, but if you’ve proven to James that you’re a good person, a good friend, and have good intentions (even if they’re for reasons he might not particularly agree with), he will give you his honest and full opinion, but never tell you he doesn’t support you (unless…like, you want to kill Sirius, or something. Then, no, he doesn’t support you. At all.).

His sense of humor is…quite abstract. He’ll laugh at the stupid jokes inside gum wrappers for hours, even if they’re specifically written for first years to giggle about. If it’s clever, James will appreciate it (once a prankster, always a prankster). He likes to point out true and obvious things about his friends and turn them into jokes; sometimes it breaks the ice, and sometimes it breaks his nose…James is a daredevil, and will take the risk.

James likes to work. It might sound odd, saying that a boy who loves to play games and pull pranks actually likes work, but it's true: James likes seeing his assignment list full with tough essays and homework. He likes the challenge, and likes having something to do. You can't occupy your entire day with pranks, he realized earlier on (or else you'd have detention for three months and couldn't do anything) so doing work and reading, actually studying was and is something that keeps James focused. He also loves learning, which he likes to think he got from his Ravenclaw mother. James couldn't possibly count the amount of books he's read, sitting in the children's section of the library. His dog is actually named after a the main character from Charolette's Web, Wilbur the pig, because his puppy was the runt of the litter.

Most of all, he’s responsible. With all the fun he likes to have and tries to have, James knows what comes first in life: his family and his friends. He will not skive a meeting of any sort to go play a pick up game of Quidditch with some rowdy teens, he will scold people who do (Yes, even Sirius), and he would lay his life down on the line to protect the cause.

He’s just pretty damn cool, if he says so himself (which he does, but not in front of Lily).

Likes: Lily, Harry, quidditch, chocolate cake with strawberries, baked ziti, pranks, dogs,
Dislikes: Snape, cats, pineapples,
Fears: Snakes
Quirks: His glasses are always askew, and he has to have socks on his feet at all times


coming soon


coming soon

Turn Ons: Lily! ;D Being feisty, opinionated, taking control
Turn Offs: Being boring, bland


Dorea Black was a Ravenclaw prefect at Hogwarts, gaining status of Head Girl in her seventh year. She was in the Charms and Potions club and was quite popular, though very quiet. After Hogwarts she moved to Godric's Hollow, Wales, and began working in the Wizard's Library of Wales as a librarian. She published many short stories in the witches literary magazine, Witches on the Move. Dorea formed a book club through the library for local witches (and the ocassional wizard), Worldly Witch Book Club, which is still flourishing today. At the age of twenty-five she met Charlus Potter and they were married straight away. They met when Charlus attended one of her book club's meetings (becoming the 'occassional wizard') and Charlus didn't stop attending until Dorea agreed to go on a date with him (Charlus reports that she wasn't the only reason he went to meetings, and that he actually enjoyed the riveting conversations about books and knitting).

Charlus was a young Auror who fought at the end of the war with Grindlewald. A war hero with many distinctions, he quickly moved up in rank over the years and was Assistant to the Head of Aurors for five years before he replaced the retiring Head. Charlus was a very popular Head and played as fairly as possible with the growing antagonizing of some of the old followers of Grindelwald and the newer Knights of Walpurgis that were developing.

At forty, after fifteen years of believing they couldn't conceive a child because of Dorea's illness, she gave birth to the couple's only son, James. Dorea retired from her job at the library to become a stay at home mum but continued to write, and Charlus remained Head of the Auror Department until James' fourth year. He still hasn't adjusted to being retired, but tries his best to occupy his time.

James was a very, very spoiled brat. Honestly. He’ll admit it himself (he looks back and wants to smack his five-year-old self). He was tutored in all the lessons of a good little pureblood boy because his mother's parents insisted that their only grandson would be noble and not the little heathen he was turning out to be. So he learned history, French, Italian, ettiqutte, and whatever the else hell he needed. Of course, James rarely used any of these 'skills' unless they were at a party and his mother gave him that look. When out of his mother's sight he ran amuck, but James always hated disappointing her, so when she was in charge he usually behaved. His father, on the other hand, hated the hoity toity parties just as much as his son did, and sometimes encouraged James to cause a riot so that they could leave early. Of course, this would just cause spats between his parents, but they both were hopelessly devoted to each other and their son, so the fights usually ended quickly.

It wasn’t until his sixth year in Hogwarts where he started to calm down a bit, realizing his parents wouldn’t be there forever, and that he needed to start acting like an adult. After his mother died in April of '77, James was really a bit dysfunctional mentally, but he’s managed to cope with the loss, even though he still finds himself in small cases of depression. They don’t last as long as they used to, though. He often feels like he didn't do enough for his mother before her death, which often haunts him. He's scared of losing his father next, but can't figure out how to express his feelings naturally when he's away at schools. Letters home usually consist of Quidditch jargon, and James doesn't know what else to talk about.

On December 23rd, 1977, James and Frank Longbottom were taken captive by Lord Voldemort for almost a month's time in a hideout in Paris, France. Neither boys had suspected they'd be targets of the Dark Lord, but as it was quickly explained, James' father was once Head of the Auror Department and his cousin Dorcas had recently killed a Death either, so revenge was clearly on the Dark Lord's mind. Frank had been involved with the Death Eater's death along with Dorcas and was also pursuing the idea of becoming an Auror, so both of the boys realized that they should have seen this coming. They were put through almost daily torture sessions with Death Eaters telling them that their families had been killed and other monstrous things, only for Lord Voldemort at the end of the week to come and heal them of all their injuries.

After the third week, James and Frank began to anticipate the Dark Lord's return, defending their 'position' with Him to the Death Eaters that tortured them, and the boys began to feel a sense of pride for being the center of Lord Voldemort's attention. They were being slowly brainwashed, and it wasn't until Death Eaters carved the Dark Mark into their forearms that they realized they had developed the mentality of the evil men and women that had been torturing them all this time. James and Frank devised an escape plan which involved James revealing Prongs to his friend, and soon they had escaped the house they'd been held in and remained on the streets of Paris for a few days until they were taken to a muggle hospital. After Caradoc Dearborn tipped off Dumbledore that the two were being in held in Paris, Auror Taki Bloom found James and Frank in the hospital and attempted to escort them to the British wizarding embassay, but was killed in an ambush by Lord Voldemort.

James still has nightmares of the events and for the first few weeks back to civilization and school he barely attended class or did assignments. He pressured himself into getting back into a routine and with the help of Lily and Sirius he's managed to somewhat return to the straight O student he once was. He and Frank still find comfort in the close proximity of each other, as they were literally the only lifeline each had for a month, and are a formidable duo when confronted. There are still slight inklings of…gratitude to the Dark Lord for keeping him alive, and James immediately feels guilty for this as he knows it's wrong and a sign of weakness. The scarring on his arm is still covered up by sleeves and bandages, and only three people outside of Lord Voldemort, the Death Eater who did it, and the healers who treated him have seen it.

The rest of James' seventh year went off without a hitch, well, there was something along the lines of a hitch, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to him. During a St. Patrick's Day party that James and Lily got a bit too…ah…into, James made the drunken mistake of calling her Lily Breena Potter, Gaelic Queen of Fairyland. And repeated it. For a second he thought Lily was going to kill him, but the tipsy woman simply tackled him to the floor for a snog, which ended up back in the bedroom and—-well. The next day (or was it two days after? James couldn't be sure, there had been lots to drink), James pulled Lily into their broom closet on the fifth floor (yes, their broomcloset, hexed accordingly to keep any other wandering hands out of it) and asked her what she thought of her title. Lily, blushing deeply enough for James to think she might faint, told him 'I'm yours' and he proceeded to drop to his knee into a puddle of undisclosed goop and propose with the claddagh ring he'd given her for Valentine's. The two were happily married on July 21st, 1978, and are currently residing in Liverpool.

Blood Purity Stance

Thinks it's complete bollocks (and he married a muggleborn to prove it! ;D)

First Display of Magic

Fixed one of his mother's vases that he broke and was hoping to prevent a punishment.

Worst School Experience

Getting kidnapped the winter of his 7th year with Frank Longbottom.



Zodiac Sign: Aries
Zodiac Symbol: The Ram
Zodiac Element: Fire
Zodiac Quality: Yang
Ruling Planet: Mars
Keywords: "I am"


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and governs the head. Positive characteristics of Aries include courage, enthusiasm, idealism, charisma, quick wits, an ability to "think on one's feet," leadership potential, exuberant energy, zeal, and innocence. Negative traits include selfishness, tactlessness, egocentrism, an inability to save money, impetuousness, a hot temper, combativeness, oversensitivity, carelessness, and cruelty.

House-Specific Traits

The Gryffindor Aries is extremely idealistic, and has a tendency to fight hard for many causes - the more lost, the better. Gryffindors born under this sign will also have very short fuses, and can be expected to fight regularly with other students, over ethical questions or over anything else that makes a good excuse. Since Mars is a planet that encourages war games and competition and bursts of hard physical activity, there may be many Quidditch players born under these aspects. A Gryffindor Aries is an open book; a truth potion would never be needed on one, because they are hopelessly honest and open. These wizards will display uncanny charisma and leadership ability, and will be among the most popular within their class.

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