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Johnathon Ramses Mulciber was born as the second son to his proud parents at the Mulciber countryside estate in Pembroke, Wales. He was bathed in the wealth and luxury from the moment he entered the world. As a child of one of the eldest Pureblood families, he was regularly socialized with children of other Purebloods. As he was not the Mulciber heir, John was typically overlooked or ignored in favor of Anthony, the first son of the family. Though his brewed attention-seeking behavior and a complex for pleasing his parents in the boy, he blamed little of this on his older brother. In fact, Anthony has been John's best friend since as far back as John can remember. The brothers were inseparable as children and rarely seen without the other at their side while attending Hogwarts. The fondness they shared for the other was only matched by their shared contempt for their younger sister Laura who was blatantly showered with affection as the favored child of the household. Over the years, however, John has grown to have some compassion for his little sister and has become furiously defensive of her. In school John's decent classroom performance was greatly masked by his poor temperament on the Quidditch pitch and his regular denouncing of Muggleborns. Regardless, the Mulciber name was still enough to guarantee him a position at the Ministry after school and he started Obliviator training straight out of Hogwarts. It was at this time that John also received the Dark Mark and became a full-fledged Death Eater after years of preparation in the hands of his father, one of the original Knights of Walpurgis. He easily excelled at his work at the Ministry and began to earn his own respect within the Dark Lord's army as having a fair hand for the Imperius curse. John felt unstoppable until Anthony was brutally slain by an Auror and outed as a Death Eater. John's carefree world of luxury came tumbling down. He immediately felt himself thrust forward as the eldest son and all the family responsibility was thrust upon him. He was now the heir and expected to not only uphold, but also continue the family line. A woman was betrothed to him and a wedding was being planned before he'd even been allowed time to grieve for his brother. John has shown a poor handling of the new pressure to choose tradition over his own desires. In his grief, John has also become increasingly homicidal and violent. It is uncertain if he'll ever reach a sense of normalcy again.


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First Display of Magic

Outside the typical minor displays of magic that infants exhibit which typically goes unnoticed by the parents, Emily Mulciber recalls her second son's youngest display of real magic as an incident when the baby was only three months old. It almost goes without saying that five-year Anthony adored his baby brother. The baby mystified the little boy and even at such a young age he had fierce sense of loyalty and protection for John. Baby John himself even showed an affinity toward his older brother. Though all babies are generally soothed by their mothers and John was no exception, there were still times that Emily was unable to console baby John's fits but the moment Anthony started speaking in the room, the baby would calm once more. However, Anthony's true connection with his baby brother wasn't brought fully to light until John disappeared from the bassinet his mother was rocking to reappear at his brother's side in bed. Baby John had, in fact, apparated and splinched a single baby toe in the process. Horrified at the event and terrified for what parts her baby could splinch if it happened again, Emily insisted that John's crib be moved into Anthony's room. The brothers continued to share a room for six years until Anthony left for Hogwarts.


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Worst School Experience

The day he actually disappointed his father. John was on the Slytherin Quiddith team from his third year onward and was a known hothead on the pitch. In fact, John spent nearly half of his Quidditch career benched for lewd language and behavior or excessive force being used in fouls. His less-than-amiable sportsmanship was fueled by his intensely competitive nature. It was not until his sixth year, however, when he was tossed from the House Cup final that he actually felt ashamed. It was not because he'd been thrown out in such a pivotal match that made him feel shame, it was that his father had witnessed it and shown true contempt for having John as a son. Though his father easily grew past this, John never has and actually fears having his father's look of utter disappointment being thrust upon him again.

Losing Virginity

John had a hard time adjusting to life at Hogwarts. For his first two years he had less-than stellar achievement in the classroom and seemed to be lost in his older brother's shadow. John's frustration was channled into aggression and he picked a lot of fights, many he couldn't win. Anthony had to save his little brother on several occassions which only added further insult to him. John's father was less than pleased with his son's poor behavior and performance at school. In an effort to make his son into more of a man, in the summer following John's second year his father paid their young nanny to sleep with his barely-thirteen year old son. The experience was extrememly traumatic for the boy and led to him becoming obsessed with sex at a very young age.

First Kill

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Blood Purity Stance

John wasn't just raised to believe Muggles and Muggleborns are inferior, it was deeply ingrained into him by his family—most notably by his father, a contemporary of Tom Riddle. He was taught that mudbloods were nothing short of animals and were to be considered the filth of the earth that was polluting the wizard world and blurring the lines between wizard and Muggle. It simply was not to be tolerated and had to be thwarted and scourged before the already threatened superior race of wizards was driven to sub-standards and extinction. John has always looked down upon Muggles and mudbloods. He carries not a single ounce of compassion for those he encounters and would have absolutely no reservations to their public slaughter if it were not for the threat of the Dementor's Kiss for himself. He wholeheartedly believes that Death Eaters' cause is justified.

Career Choice

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