John Mulciber: Interaction

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Threads and Logs

  • 08/09/1978: Thread with Lydia Proudfoot - John finally shows that he's not handling the death well. Lydia feels the physical brunt of his anger.
  • 15/09/1978: Thread with Matilda Rowle - At Anthony's funeral, Matilda stops John from doing something brash and stupid in his grief.

Owls and Mail

  • 06/09/1978: Owl to Laura Mulciber - John's reaction to Anthony's death.
  • 19/09/1978: Owl to Matilda Rowle - John asks Matilda to dinner away from their parents.
  • 30/09/1978: Owl to 400 prominent wizard families worldwide. - Mulciber/Rowle wedding invitation.

Journal Entries

Personal Entries


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