John Mulciber: Time Line

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Pre-Game Dates



Early Career

In-Game Dates

September 1978

  • 6th: Anthony Mulciber is killed by the Auror Dorcas Meadows.
  • 8th: John tortures and kills the Muggleborn witch Rosemary Pinkes in reaction to his brother's murder.
  • 8th: John invites Lydia to his flat and she insults him repeatedly. He practically rapes her in response before suffering an emotional breakdown.
  • 9th: John is told that Matilda Rowle is betrothed to him.
  • 10th: John casts the Imperius curse on a Muggle man and forces the man to kill his own family before drowning himself. It goes unnoticed by the MLE.
  • 12th: John suffers a complete mental breakdown and considers suicide. He makes no mention of it to anyone.
  • 15th: Anthony's funeral.
  • 23rd: John gives Matilda an engagement ring that once belonged to his mother.
  • 30th: The Mulciber/Rowle wedding invitations are distributed.

October 1978

  • 5th: John confesses to Sarah Proudfoot about what his harsh dealings with Lydia.
  • 6th: John and Grayson torture Rosier for his mishandling of Emmeline Vance's kidnapping. John brings along Macnair to observe their techniques.
  • 6th: John takes Matilda to dinner only to find that their reservations have been cancelled and they must sit with Lydia and Nathan Tremaine. John is furious.
  • 10th: Matilda has an argument with her parents and subsequently asks to move in with John. John apprehensively agrees.
  • 20th: John and Matilda attend the Malfoy wedding.
  • 20th: Lydia pays John an unannounced visit and is surprised/furious when Matilda answers the door.
  • 27th: John and Matilda attend the Avery Halloween party dressed as a Reinessance couple. Matilda has a meltdown when she thinks John has left her for the evening. He consoles her.

November 1978

  • 9th: John inquires various friends and colleagues about Matilda's family, in particular her brother Thorfin.
  • 17th: Dementors are released in Hogsmeade. Under the advisement of Lord Voldemort, John is no where near the village when it occurs.
  • 18th: John goes to the Rowle family estate to speak with Matilda's father about the bethrothal and her dowry. At this time he also sizes up Thorfin and is shocked to discover the eldest sibling and his soul-less state.
  • 20th: Matilda finds out that John has been looking into her family's affairs without her knowledge. She is furious.

Future Dates

First War

Post war, prior to Trio-Era


Post Trio-Era

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