Jude Wickham

Personality & History

Jude spends much of his time at the ministry working in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, but that doesn't mean that he neglects his family. Just the opposite, in fact. You see, Jude has a problem. He wouldn't consider it a problem, but most of the people who know his situation do. Jude will tell you that he's a very loving, family-oriented man who … just happens to have two lovely wives that he can't bring himself to part with. The problem lies in the fact that the women don't particularly like each other, but despite the fact they're always at each others' throats Jude just can't bring himself to give them up. Amaryllis is far too sweet and Belise was his first serious love — and as long as they're willing to try and make things work, why should he have to choose? Part of the reason he finds himself being so selfish is his desire to give his family a male heir … but honestly, it's a really sweet deal and he does not want to give it up without a fight.

He dotes on both of his 'girls' as much as possible and tries to balance time between the two of them (and more recently, his daughter), and strives to make their lives as stress-free in all aspects except the actual marriage arrangement. Amaryllis has cooked up the story that she's living with her 'Uncle and Aunt', but Jude doubts that many people really believe this, considering how the woman acts around him. As a result of having to juggle two women and a child in addition to his job, Jude is an excellent multi-tasker and is extremely patient when it comes to having people shriek at him.


  • Name: Jude Emrick Wickham
  • Birthday: May 6 1948
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
  • Patronus: Raccoon




  • Marshall Easton Wickham - Father
  • Virginia Marie Wickham nee Dublanc - mother


  • Rachelle Wickham - Sister


Love Life

Significant Others


  • Astrid Wickham - Daughter

Past Relationships

  • N/A


Best Friend




  • Journal Name: judes
  • Player: Lettie
  • PB: Daniel Craig
  • Previous PBs: N/A
  • Font: FG Joe
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