Juliana Wilkes


  • Name: Juliana Natalya Wilkes
  • Birthdate: 3 March 1956
  • Nationality: Russian, English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin, Class of 1974
  • Occupation: Liaison, Department of International Magical Cooperation
  • Alignment: Death Eaters



Juliana is a materialistic person by nature. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she has always had the best of everything served to her on a platter and to live without those things is nigh unberable for the spoilt woman. However, one would never know this by just looking at her; if she disapproves of a situation, she still has the ability to exercise the tact necessary… as long as she actually cares enough about the person to be tactful. She is a generally warm person as opposed to being reserved like her brothers, sister, and parents. She likes to make friends (even if they're not acceptable friends) and seem as an overall approachable person, and it bothers her to be hated by people, unless she hates them in return.

One of her biggest personality traits is her seeming need to be rebellious. If (to a certain extent, of course) Jules knows that something is going to bother her parents (or better, her younger brother), she'll do it without a second thought. The greatest examples of this have been her decision to not only choose not to stay at home until marriage, but to move out on her own and into a Muggle neighborhood. She's also become quite the party girl in recent years, preferring a night of going out on the town, drinking heavily, and flirting shamelessly with men to a stuffy, formal dinner any day.

It is this trait of hers, plus her strange aptitude for being generally nice, that can be attributed to her sister, Louisa's, always great influence on her life. From the time she was a child, Juliana was taken under her sister's wing, so to speak, in the hopes of stopping her from falling into the trap of the life that their parents had built for them. It has worked, obviously, at least for the most part and better than it did on any of the others, although the older Juliana becomes, the more she is beginning to see the flaws in her sister's mentality when applied to what she knows by those values ingrained by her upbringing to be correct.




  • Chester William Wilkes - father
  • Ives Tatiyana Wilkes nee Sashenka - mother



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The Wilkes family is what most of the upper class of the wizarding world these days would call nouveau riche. In 1923, Juliana's grandfather, Roderick Wilkes, won the appointment of Minister for Magic and catapulted his family into the throngs of high society. With the world mostly full of pureblooded wizards resentful of the presence of mudbloods and halfbloods in their not-long-ago private existence, Roderick's radical views easily won over the majority to gain him the office. But by the time that he resigned from office and power in 1951, although the family still had all the affluence and dignity that they had gained, they had been somewhat disowned by those 'friends' they had made in the prominent pureblooded families.

Suddenly the Wilkes' were seen as upstarts (despite that the family Roderick's son Chester married, the Sashenkas, held control over the fierce Russian mafia), a family that mattered little in the big scheme of things. Roderick's greatest ambition from then on was to regain those friends that they had lost and bring his family back onto the pedestal of respect that he felt they deserved. Therefore when Juliana's oldest brother, Amery, turned 18, it was pressure that forced him into the service of Lord Vodlemort. But one man's honest service was not enough, it seemed, and six years later her younger brother, Grayson, decided that it was his duty to also join in service.

Juliana, unlike her brothers, led a fairly detatched childhood. She pleased her family by being sorted into Slytherin, but after that, they really requested nothing more of her than to be an honor to their family. The pressures of a good marriage were being put upon her older sisters, Daniella and Louisa, and with their family's duty to Voldemort resting upon the shoulders of Amery and Grayson, this left her without much purpose in her life. This became greatly less profound when it became obvious that Louisa would probably never marry (at least not well), and her parents knew that they needed to recover with Juliana from the shame of her older sister.


After school, Jules hoped to find some semblance of that purpose in looking for a job for herself. She wasn't intensely intelligent like some people in her year had been, but she was ambitious, and kept on trying until she had found what she wanted. She started out in a secretary job to the Minister for Magic, but as that position was gained for her by her grandfather's connections, she wasn't long content with it. While she looked for another job within the Ministry, she had a small stint as a waitress in a bar and with that money plus what she earned in her short assistantship, she was able to buy her own flat in London.

This job-hopping went on for about six months until she finally found a job that she could be content in in the Department of International Magical Relations. The job allowed her to travel and her knowledge of Russian and family history made her a good ambassador as well as a much more worldly person and she found that she was truly content where she was in life. Her greatest wish at the time is that this momentary lull will be able to last forever, but she knows that it's not true—with Daniella married again, Louisa's cause given up on by her parents, and her being the next in line, the pressure is on from society for her parents to find her a suitable husband. After the disaster that was her little brother Grayson's first attempt at marriage, Juliana has vowed that she will never do that to a man, no matter how much she hates him… she's just finding that more difficult to live up to than she had expected.


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