Juliet Dearborn


  • Name: Juliet Isabella Dearborn
  • Birthdate: 14 January 1961
  • Nationality: Welsh
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw, Class of 1979
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Neutral







  • John Dearborn - father, deceased
  • Jill Dearborn nee Smith - mother, deceased



Love Life

Significant Other

  • Rhys Nott, boyfriend (although she'll deny this to the death)


  • n/a

Past Relationships


Best Friend

  • She really doesn't trust anyone that much, to tell the truth.



  • StupidMan, as Caradoc likes to call him. He's pretty much an enemy, if a really dumb one.



Juliet Isabella Dearborn was born into a 'right' pureblooded family, coming into the world second only after her elder brother of two years, Caradoc. To say that she or her brother had what would be called a normal, love-filled childhood was a downright lie. It seemed that it took only a few moments after they were born for John and Jill Dearborn to forget they even had children—because of this, Juliet became as estranged from them as she could while still knowing them, and at the same time became extremely close with her older brother, who learned at a young age to guard her and take care of her.

Growing up in such a pureblooded family, however, brought along a great deal of expectations as to how she and Caradoc were to behave and what they were to do. It was, however, quite lost upon the both of them for the fact that their parents only halfheartedly attempted to teach them these things. Going out so often and being so seemingly determined to see the two as little as possible prevented such lessons from taking root, but probably with good results. Had these ideas been better ingrained, Juliet may have turned out like every other Slytherin girl in the school—with a profound sense of self-importance and vanity and a lack of ability to speak for herself, two things that now she would never want for herself.


When Juliet was 11, she was sent off to Hogwarts and sorted into Ravenclaw house, further proving that she was not the same as her friends; and, in fact, upon entering the house and meeting her roommates for the next seven years, she found that she was much more bound to become friendly with them instead. Juliet came to find that the house she had been sorted into was much less prone to be home to morons, anyway, and if there was one thing she can't stand in the world, it's morons. Some believe that this constant ridicule of people with no common sense is her own ego, and she comes off as very prideful and stuck up, but she has room to boast. At the end of her fifth year, Juliet received ten O.W.L.s and an aspiration for a very bright future for herself.

At the end of her fifth year, Juliet was finally able to get away from her parents by moving to Oxford with Caradoc, who had just graduated. However, this didn't last long, as in the last quarter of her sixth year he kicked her out again—she didn't much relish this fact and was prone to be rather bitter and stubborn about it, if only for the fact that she despised the idea of living with her parents again (although, with her luck, they were murdered soon after). One good thing about her sixth year, however, was re-establishing her relationship with ex-boyfriend Rhys Nott. As much as she'll swear against it, she missed him a lot.

Depending upon which of them you speak to, their relationship either ended at the beginning of her seventh year, or it was still going. Juliet decided to break up with him before she went back to school so that she wouldn't have to deal with the long-distance aspect of the relationship, but Rhys simply wouldn't accept that answer. For a whole year, Juliet vehemently denied that they were still dating (despite the fact that she could still use a snogging partner every once in a while), until…


working on it!


working on it!


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