Klio Travers

Klio Travers

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Name: Klio Lyra Travers
Birthdate: October 12, 1961 [17]
House: Ravenclaw
Profession: Klio would love to have a job but the prospects of that don't look so great since she is expected to get married
Nationality: English & French
Residence: Gloucestershire, England
Wand: ivy; 10 1/2"; hippogryff talon
Sexual Orientation: straight
Bloodline: pure
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Parents: Sol and Calliope Travers
Siblings: Orpheus Travers [20]
Children: N/A
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Best Friend:
Friends: Phoebe Smethwyk
Significant Other: N/A
Past Relationships: Longtime crush on Hippocrates Smethwyk that essentially ended the night Phoebe and she turned him into a girl. Other than that she's spent too much time concentrating on school to have a boyfriend, but she's madly in love with a few boys here and there.
Personality and History: Klio has always been taught to stand up straight and to look people in the eyes. Even if she hardly ever follows the second part of that advice, her mother would be proud to know that although Klio prefers to blend in with the crowd she’s not one to let herself be stepped on. She knows her own value, even if she’s sometimes self conscious or self doubting and she won’t let anyone control her or force her into things she doesn’t really want. Deep down Klio enjoys that her friend shelps to make her more of an extrovert. As she's gotten older, Klio has developed somewhat of an attitude at times.

She’s a girl who respects people who respect themselves. Although she’s often perceived as shy, Klio can be very outgoing once you gain her trust. Being playful and giggly around her friends has always been Klio’s nature. She loves to have a good time but she’s very serious about her school work and that always comes first. Presently her most sought after goal is making HeadGirl next year. With everything that's been going on in her family she feels like a little positive attention her way would be a nice change.

Klio grew up with her older brother, Orpheus in Gloucestershire. She lived a playful, joyous childhood with early memories filled with being pushed on a mattress down the large front staircase and having her older brother read to her. Growing up they were close, being only 4 years apart from each other. She was devastated when he went off to Hogwarts without her however and she couldn’t wait until she got a letter of her own. She spent the time he was at school reading as much about Hogwarts and magic as possible, convinced that maybe if she could learn a lot she might be put into his class. Even after that dream was crushed by reality she was determined to do her best when her time came.

When her own letter to Hogwarts arrived, Klio was ecstatic. Finally she was going to get to ride the Hogwarts Express in the fall with her brother and not have to stand on the platform and wave. She immediately set to work arranging all her things in her trunk and was packed three days before it was time to leave. She stayed up all night the day before the train was to leave and as a result she slept all the way to Hogwarts.

At the sorting ceremony she was still a little groggy but that didn’t stop the sorting hat from choosing true. Klio was heartbroken to find that she wasn’t in Slytherin with her brother. He had assured her that they would be together and he would show her the ropes. Now he was down in the dungeons while she was up in a tower. She cried herself to sleep that night, missing her mum and her big brother.

As time went on, Klio began to gain independence at Hogwarts. She knew little of her brother’s life outside their sheltered family but as she grew older she did begin to suspect Orpheus was involved in some of the darker politics of the age. It wasn't in her personality to confront him but she did worry about how he was changing.

As she and Orpheus grew older, the two siblings grew apart for many reasons. He was more interested in being a Death Eater and less concerned about school. Klio on the other hand worked very hard and sought out friends who shared her passion for learning as well as ones who helped her break out of her shell and have a good time.

Lately, Klio has been playing almost two different roles. At home and with her teachers she is still the goody-goody who aims to please but times are changing and Klio is getting tired of being the girl her parents want her to be. Her second self is still emerging but if she's not careful, Klio might not grow up to be someone she actually likes.
Likes: books, laughing, reading, being with friends, juice, romance novels, people watching, girly things
Alignment: personally neutral
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Ravenclaw Libra: All Ravenclaws are intellectual, but Ravenclaw Libras have their heads in the clouds more than most (Pisces Ravenclaws may have them beat, but not by much). They are romantic and idealistic, and prefer to live in the world of pure theory rather than in the messy world of action. While social and pleasant, they are still quiet and shy, and rarely make the first move when in a group of people. In the classroom, they tend to wait to be called on, or raise their hands when they are sure that no one else knows the answer, but they do tend to be the teacher's pet on a fairly regular basis. It's hard to hate them for this, because they are so pleasant to everybody. Ravenclaw Libras are the most speculative (and indecisive) of all Libras, because they have the intellectual capacity to explore all ramifications of every action and reaction.
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PB: Kristen Stewart
Player: Brie
Layout: Laura
Song: "Sooner or Later" by Micheal Tolcher
Disclaimer: I don't own any portion of the Harry Potter universe, that's JK's thing. I created this character based on the Harry Potter universe, so Klio does belong to me. Kristen Stewart belongs to herself.

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