• Real Name: Leigh
  • Aliases:
  • Birthday: 18 May 1988
  • Location/Time Zone: Virginia, EST


  • Email: moc.liamtoh|sreksihwslil#moc.liamtoh|sreksihwslil
  • AIM: shortstack88
  • MSN: moc.liamtoh|sreksihwslil#moc.liamtoh|sreksihwslil
  • CDJ: shortstack88


Where ever should one start? Leigh was an innocent modest nice kind girl until Cristina dragged her over to Valesco kicking and screaming, where she was corrupted into the egotistical attention seeking OTP whore she is today.

Fun Facts About Leigh

  • She is the Queen of Outback Steakhouse, Colonial Heights
  • She is made of win.
  • She is the hottest pb at hotdamn_icons
  • She has a fish named McBeta (and no, it is not a beta)
  • She tends to lie sometimes for sarcastic effect.
  • She also tends to incorrectly use effect and affect. Grammar… who needs it.
  • TBC!



  • Cristina says: I am so lucky I kidnapped Leigh from the game we met, I was like I CANNOT LEAVE THIS GIRL and how right was I? ;*** My McOTP!
  • Cor says: Hey. Hey you. Lick my Bawls kthx. ♥
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