Luci Dolohov


name: Lucille Danielle Dolohov
nicknames: Luci
birthday: August 15, 1956
wand hand: Right
blood: Pure
Hogwarts: '76 Slytherin
grades: About average OWLS, slightly subpar NEWTS.
wand: 8" cedar with a unicorn's hair core.


home: usually a hotel suite; formerly the Dolohov mansion in Hertfordshire, assorted relative homes, orphanage.
mother: Tatiyana Klara Dolohov (nee Mavormati) - deceased (1965)
father: Dmitriy Nikolai Dolohov - deceased (1965)
siblings: Antonin Dolohov; Slytherin 7th
cousins: Franziska Dolohov
pets: —
financial: Once offically Upper-class. Now more prone to fraud and other forms of bribery to maintain herself.
personality: the bitter realist


height: 5'6"
hair color: Dark brown/black.
eye color: Hazel
general overview: Luci is a tomboy at heart but she uses her fluid like, androgynous sexuality to her advantage. Her dark hair has a pixie cut which she usually leaves disheveled. She rarely looks presentable, feminine or really even pretty. Luci tends to rely on her unique facial features to attract attention to herself.
marks: A few childhood scars and a small tattoo on the back of her left upper arm.

psychological & physical

outwardly: Luci is a flirt to a fault. Anyone and everyone will do. She has learned to use people to her own advantage, taking her leadership skills to levels of bribery and blackmail. Nothing is too big a chance if it gets her somewhere. Often it seems as if she is without morals despite her self assurance.
inwardly: —
introvert/extrovert: Truly and introvert, but a forced extrovert most of the time.
first impression: "Dolohov. The brother? Or the sister?"
quirks/habits/mannerisms: —
boggart: —
patronus: —
likes: Pretty things, expensive things, secret painting hobby.
dislikes: Being undermined, being outwitted, being the butt of your jokes.
hearing: Good
physical health: Good
sight: 20/20


orientation: Whatever way the wind is blowing.
partner: Relationships aren't really her thing.
past relationships: Lots of evenings spent with lots of companions. All of those evenings paid for by said companions.
preferences: Preferred relations with people of good upbringing, good social & finincial status, attractive physique, who are easliy bought and manipulated.
turn-ons: Humour, good looks, wealth.
turn-offs: —


Luci and her younger brother grew up in a lavish, high society environment for a good portion of their childhoods. Their parents adored and doted on the two of them and neither lacked in anything. However, when Luci was 11 and her brother 8, their parents were killed in a Muggle car accident and the event forever changed their futures.

The Dolohov fortune began to quickly disappear as debts their father had left behind began to surface. Luci's uncle (her mother's brother) sold their mansion and most of their belongings before carting the two children off to live with him. It soon became clear that the situation with their uncle was not in the best interest of the Dolohov children. He molested the two children for nearly three unbearable years before they were finally able to escape. Luci often blamed herself for not being able to protect her brother from their uncle while she was away at school.

At school, Luci was a completely different person than the lifeless pushover she was at home. At school she could be anyone she wanted and no one had to know the dark secrets the Dolohov family now carried. The brother and sister weaved a facade so airtight sometimes they even believed their lives were as amiable as they appeared.

As she got older, as it often happens, the girls became cattier and Luci began to realize how many things she could say she had but could never own. It was easy to lie and tell girls she was summering with relations and would have to try and stand her brother for a few weeks. In fact she would have been lucky to see him at all as the two bounced between orphanages and foster homes.

Around this time, Luci became increasingly aware that if no power in life had been given to her, she had to take it. If opportunities weren't presented, she would make them. Luci became quite the little entrepreneur throughout her fourth and fifth years at Hogwarts. She tried everything and anything she could think of to make a little cash. Tutoring was good money, but just writing the papers herself was easier and more profitable. Soon it became more lucrative to bribe someone else to do it. Before she knew it, in her final years at Hogwarts, Luci had become the ringleader of the underground black market. If you wanted it and were willing to pay enough, she was your girl.

Life after Hogwarts for Luci was much of the same. Her school work had suffered in her later years and she had no interest in getting a real job once she discovered that dishonest work got her much father much faster.

[please see here for more background family information]


Slytherin Leo: Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and rules the back, the spine, and the heart. Positive traits include creativity, charisma, generosity, warmth, enthusiasm, a natural talent for leadership, and a great deal of inner power; negative traits are haughtiness, snobbery, an expectation that one is the centre of attention and should be waited on by everyone else, profligacy, lack of realism, dominance that can lead to bullying, and a refusal to change one's mind even in the face of solid facts.

Slytherin Leos can be either very good, or very bad. At their best, they exemplify all that "nobility" is made of: confidence, openness, charm, initiative, generosity of spirit, wisdom, judgment, and poise. At their worst, they become elitist, bullying bigots. How they end up depends on the company they keep, and how they are encouraged to act early in life. Either way, they never lack attention - it's hard to ignore a Slytherin born under this sign. These Slytherins usually end up in positions of responsibility and leadership, because of their charisma and natural ability. Their creativity and drive also makes them very resourceful.

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