Lucille Martin


  • Name: Lucille Arethusa Martin
  • Birthdate: 12 April 1961
  • Nationality: French, English
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Hufflepuff, Class of 1979
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



If one thing can be said of Lucy, it is that she is a very free-spirited sort of person. Because of the way she has been treated by her parents all her life, she has seemed to unconsciously and naturally adopt their ‘c’est la vive’ take on her own existence and thus has always gone by her own rules. Living out in nature all of her pre-school life has added exponentially to her obvious lack of love for structured and organized environments, such as her school. This is the reason that her mother decided against sending her to Beauxbatons, where she herself attained her wizarding education—Joelle imagined that Hogwarts would be more comfortable for her daughter (though she also realized that no place but home would probably be comfortable enough).

Lucy is a very compassionate and loving person, who is truthful and trusting (sometimes to a fault) and is not blinded by materialistic notions, making her an uncommonly accepting sort of girl. She doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks of her or anyone else, and will make friends with even her worst enemy if given enough time. But this may also be considered her greatest fault, for people who figure out this wish to win companionship with everyone and have bad intentions towards her will use this ‘weakness’ to manipulate her and lead her on. After all, she’ll do anything for her friends—to an extent—and if one is careful and doesn’t push her too far, they can win her trust and make her do things that she may not, until retrospection, realize as wrong.




  • Lucas Daniel Martin - father
  • Joelle Beatrice Evangeline Martin nee Meunier - mother


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Love Life

Significant Other


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Past Relationships

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Best Friend

  • Lucy likes to think that everyone is her best friend!



  • Gosh, what are enemies again? :D



Lucy was the first and only child born two very free and spirited people—to be blunt, she’s the child of a couple of hippies. Lucas and Joelle Martin were in their late teens at the time and met at a Muggle rock concert, although their roots sprang from very different branches of the tree of life. While Lucas was a struggling artist living a rather Bohemian sort of lifestyle, Joelle was a privelaged dame française who had run away to Wales from her materialistic, pureblood supremacy-loving parents that did not share her new-age beliefs. Luke fell instantly in love with this foreign witch (even though he could


barely understand a word she was saying) and suggested immediately that she move in with him. Within weeks, they were married, and Joelle pregnant—not that that bothered either of them any. They moved soon after to a home in the rural areas just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, their idea of the perfect place to have and raise a child. She grew up in a secluded, surrounded-by-nature type of home, complete with meadows and trees and wildlife of all kinds. Her childhood atmosphere very much affected her life from there on out.

From a very young age, her environment nurtured her love of nature, and as a result, she’s always been very fond of Herbology, Potions, and Magical Healing. She would pick flowers and herbs or collect river water and toads and experiment, which normally ended in an explosion or two (which she found completely enthralling in themselves). Her parents never made any move to stop Lucy or protect her from her mistakes because they believed that she should have a free and uninhibited life—even if that meant the possibility of her blowing her face off.

This sort of living, of course, made it difficult at first for her to adjust to the structured environment of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and in her first few years she was possibly best known among her Hufflepuff housemates for getting into trouble on a day-to-day basis without ever intending to. While since then she has learned to abide by the rules a bit better and has come to know how far she can push most professors, Lucy is not without her fair share of detentions… nor is she alwayscompletely innocent.


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working on it!


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