Lydia Proudfoot

Personality & History

If there is anything to be said about Lydia, it's that she is a flirt. She is very much fond of John Mulciber despite all his flaws (no matter how angry at him she appears to be), and will do what she can to protect him from others and from himself. She's terribly jealous of his wife, if only because she's threatened by the fact that she's being replaced. Her photographer, Nathan Tremaine, was at one time her love interest … but like most of her love interests, it wasn't particularly serious and he seems to have moved on. She's set her sights on Fenrir Greyback (primarily to make John edgy and to prove that she can take care of herself) most recently. Lydia is perfectly capable of being a manipulative bitch, but she's prone to bouts of generosity because she's not terribly good with finances and because she does like to shop, even if it isn't for herself. She isn't close to her family except for her sister - she considers Sarah both her protege (despite the fact that she's a photographer and not a model) and her friend. Amos, his wife and child are people that she also thinks of often, but she rarely does something about those fleeting thoughts.


  • Name: Lydia Elouise Proudfoot
  • Birthday: June 26, 1954
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
  • Patronus: Boa Constrictor




  • Janvier Mick Proudfoot - Father
  • Michelle Janelle Proudfoot nee Diggory - mother



*Amos Diggory - cousin
*Cedric Diggory - nephew
*Tabitha Diggory - cousin-in-law

Love Life

Significant Other(s)


  • N/A

Past Relationships


Best Friend




  • Journal Name: maneater
  • Player: Lettie
  • PB: Dita von Teese
  • Previous PBs: N/A
  • Font: Hanshand Italic
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