Macon Carmichael


  • Name: Macon Corbin Carmichael
  • Birthdate: 20 April 1956
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Half-blood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw (1968-75)
  • Occupation: Manager of The Tattered Cover
  • Alignment:



Macon is an extremely patient person. He rarely gets angry and even when he does it comes in small spurts. He can be a little stubborn and hates change but recently, his whole world has been turned upside down and he’s been working on just rolling with the punches. Macon has found out that life isn’t fair and you gotta take what it gives you and work with that. He loves books and reading and his job is the best thing in the world. He used to work as a researcher, solely for the ministry but since Eddie came along, he had to make a lifestyle change. He does a little freelance work, but it’s whatever he can do from his shop or on a guest pass to Hogwarts.

Macon loves ice. He will chew on it and let it melt in his mouth but he loves ice, no matter how annoying other people find it. Macon is average height with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. At Hogwarts and until recently he was always dressed to the nines, with the best and most stylish clothes, but now whatever is clean or relatively so gets worn and Macon looks a little tired all of the time. His parents are well off, but since his trouble with Eddie’s mum, he’s been having to deal with making his own money. Macon’s parents help him out with his flat and babysitting sometimes but they pretty much leave him alone. He doesn’t mind that because he likes being independent, but sometimes he gets a little worried he won’t be able to provide for enough for Eddie.




  • Hugh Carmichael - father
  • Lori Carmichael - mother




Love Life

Significant Other


  • Edmund Timothy - January 4, 1978

Past Relationships

  • Sloan Roper


Best Friend





Macon grew up in a normal magical home with a healer for a father (now retired) and a school teacher mother. He has an older sister and they lived a pretty normal, neutral life. Macon always had his head in the clouds when he was younger (and still now sometimes). His sister made fun of him because he was always buried in a book, instead of out playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. He would rather just read and think up stories rather than get dirty or rowdy. He followed his sister to Hogwarts, but instead of being a Gryffindor like her, he was a Ravenclaw and promptly got lost in learning as much as possible.

He started dating Eddie’s mum, Sloan Roper in sixth year and it wasn’t anything amazing, but for sixteen year olds, it was a nice relationship. They dated through the end of Hogwarts and for two years more before breaking it off. He loved her, truly, but they’d both come to the point where it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. She wanted more and he was ready to settle down with her, but Macon was glad they were able to keep being friends, because she was his best mate in the whole world and such a big part of his life. About a year ago, she’d taken him out drinking for his twenty-first birthday and they’d gotten completely smashed and ended up in bed together, like old times’ sake. About a month later, Sloan came to him crying with the worst possible news. She was pregnant and her parents wouldn’t let her keep it.


Macon thought his life was over; his parents had wanted nothing to do with his ‘mistake’ and her parents were urging her to get rid of it. After a big blow out, it was decided she would go away, have the baby and then put it up for adoption. Macon had been all for it, until he actually got to hold his son, who was so tiny and looking up at him with his own blue eyes and he knew that there was no way that Eddie was going to be given up for adoption. Macon took custody of Eddie just a few days after he was born and she’s not been around since. Macon knows she’s not ready to be a mother and he doesn’t hold anything against her, but it gets hard at times and sometimes wishes she was there to help him. But that doesn't matter, since Macon eloped with Noel Boot and they've made their home in Hogsmeade where she's an artist and they're raising Eddie together as their own.


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working on it!


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