Marissa Macfusty

Personality & History

The MacFusty clan has been steadily taking care of the Hebridean Black dragons for several generations. Although the clan is composed of several families, each respective family unit is responsible for a small-to-medium sized group of dragons that frequent the areas around their homes. Marissa herself has been involved with the caretaking process since she was quite young and considers herself somewhat of an expert in the area. She is especially fond of the egg-hatching process and makes a point to have her mother document many of the births for records and for the sake of self-interest. Marissa has a certain amount of bitterness for her overachieving brother and her finnicky and spoiled sister, but makes a good attempt to be civil to both of them.

She is high-spirited at her best and a little eccentric at her worst - she's prone to outbursts of giggles that can deafen even those used to her squeals when it comes to being around Betty and Gleny. She's a sweetheart when it comes down to it, though, and she's fiercely loyal to her friends and family. Once you gain her trust, it's rather hard to lose it.


  • Name: Marissa Minerva MacFusty
  • Birthday: Februrary 12, 1960
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Height: 5'10" (1.77 m)
  • Patronus: Hebridean Black




  • Chester Geon MacFusty - Father
  • Elaine Minnie MacFusty nee Carter - mother


  • Jinty MacFusty - sister
  • Calum MacFusty - sister


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