Matilda Mulciber



  • Name: Matilda Adrianna Mulciber
  • Nee: Rowle
  • Birthdate: 10 September 1958
  • Nationality: Welsh
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin
  • Occupation: Socialite
  • Alignment: Death Eaters


She's unstable. There are no other words for it. Matilda's mood can swing from insanely overjoyed to furiously angry in the blink of an eye. It's very easy to cause this shift, too, and she finds no sort of problem with it. Of course, other people do, and it's a wonder that she's managed to keep any one friend around for long. Mostly, she believes that they are still her friends because they rarely do anything to piss her off, but she doesn't really want to think about why people stand to be around her.

Matilda was raised to be the perfect pureblooded wife, and while most of her years were spent dreading the idea, as the time grew closer and closer, she began to worry. She could not be disowned like some of her friends had been, that would mean not seeing Mattias ever again, and no matter how well she worked with her match, she simply could not bear that. Plus, the idea of being a doting wife didn't sound so bad, and she's actually taken on the role quite seriously.




  • Gabriel Rowle
  • Wilma Rowle


  • Mattias (53)
  • Thorfinn (25)



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Undeniably a brat, Matilda Rowle has never had to live for anyone besides her family and herself. To everyone who's ever spent more that five minutes with her, Matilda is the stereotypical pureblooded brat, whining about how stuffy a room is or how her tea wasn't stirred enough. Her fashion is impeccable, she is stunningly beautiful, and her snarl makes flowers wilt. But it's all an act, or at least, she doesn't actually care enough about anything to make such remarks or scenes. Matilda is rude because she's angry and doesn't know how to be any other way. Her older brother is a nasty man, seemingly annoyed at everything in his life, and her parents were too old to care about anything at all.

And her other brother? The one thirty-three years her senior? He used to care, he used to be somewhat of a warm person, but Matilda never knew this man, because he was given the Dementor's Kiss when he was twenty years old. Mattias was one of the original Knights of Walpurgis, and one of the first sentenced to live a souless life for following the rumblings of You-Know-Who.

Thorfinn was quite the surprise for the elderly couple who had basically moved into seclusion after The Kiss of their son. Gabriel Rowle was a well respected member of the Ministry's International Cooperation sector, and transferred the family after Mattias' Kiss to Germany for many years and did not come back to England until Matilda (another surprise) was born. The Rowle name maintained a powerful reputation, but any trace of Mattias seemed to have been erased. Except for the fact that he 'lives' in a wing on the west end of the manor.


Matilda realized quite young that her older brother wasn't normal, and after stating that the 'ghoul that looked like Father' had fallen out of bed and was making loud noises, her parents explained what had happened to her brother and Matilda became quite attached to Mattias. She found herself sitting in his room, sometimes reading to him, telling her stories about her day, or playing with her dolls at the foot of his bed, just to have the company. Because she was able to create Mattias's part of the conversation, Matilda began to love him more than Thorfinn, who was verbally and sometimes physically abusive to his younger sister.

Hogwarts was a dry, boring time for Matilda, who went home every holiday and sometimes during the semester, managing to get herself so worked up and nervous over just about anything that she'd be sent home for the weekend. All of it was to visit Mattias as Matilda feels that her presence in his life is what's kept him 'alive' for so long. She doesn't have much else of a purpose, besides marrying into another prominent pureblooded family and bear an heir, so keeping her brother alive, no matter that he'll never truly acknowledge his life, keeps her getting up in the morning.


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