Mundungus Fletcher


  • Name: Mundungus Evan Fletcher
  • Birthdate: 17 February 1961
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Half-blood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Hufflepuff (1972-79)
  • Occupation: Student
  • Alignment: Order Ally



Fletch is incredibly smart despite his low work ethic and laziness. He makes up for it with his loyalty. Dumbledore and his ‘family’ back in Cheapside are among the few on that list. Being the ‘supplier of goods’ for the majority of Hogwarts puts him under the suspicion of the professors, prefects and heads. He’ll keep quiet about who and what, even though they might ‘know’. If they had evidence, they wouldn’t be asking him questions, right? Fletch is also is a closet humanitarian. If someone is in trouble or needs help, Fletch will be there to work behind the scenes and help out, but will forgo the recognition of actually being the one to help. Often his help comes in anonymous forms and is puzzling to his ‘victims of kindness.’ He’s not above using blackmail though.


star sign: AQUARIUS.
symbol: The Water Bearer.
element: Air.

aquarius in depth: Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac and rules the circulatory system, shins, and ankles. Positive traits include brilliance, innovation, individuality, openness, social consciousness, inventiveness, practical skill, and self assertion; negative traits are eccentricity, lack of attachment to people and the "real world," over-intellectualizing of the emotions, a crotchety temper, rigidity, intellectual arrogance, and stubbornness.

the hufflepuff aquarius: Aquarians who are sorted into House Hufflepuff are introverted, but not shy; march to the beat of a different drummer, but don't wear their weirdness like a flag; socially minded, but highly critical of society. Confused? So are the Hufflepuff Aquarians, but they tend to sort things out eventually. Their minds lean toward the practical side of things - they'd rather invent new and useful spells or gadgets than dwell for hours in hot air theory - and the solutions they find to common problems are brilliantly on target. They like people and want to get along well with everybody, but are uncomfortable with intimacy; so they have lots of acquaintances but few close friends. They have the ability to laugh at most any situation.





  • Agnes Fletcher - mother (1940-67)
  • Richard Fletcher - father (1940-78)


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Love Life

Significant Other

  • n/a


  • Aiden Dermot Bode - 1983

Past Relationships


Best Friend





Fletch’s mother died when he was very young, he can’t hardly remember her. There aren’t any pictures of her (he’s looked) except for the one his father kept under his pillow. Fletch grew up in Cheapside, London, a true Cockney, just a stone’s throw from St Mary-le-Bow in the cheap flats around it. He lived with his father, though the man was never really around. Fletch didn’t have an abusive family like most of his mates, and he was fed, clothed and sheltered, so he didn’t have much to complain about. His father worked at a factory and spent most of his free time down at the pub at the end of their block, leaving Fletch alone to amuse himself. He started hanging around the older boys in the neighbourhood when he was very young and got himself into some sticky situations that taught him some very important life skills.

The first lesson of which, he’s never forgotten. Don’t be stupid enough to get caught.

Which, of course his new mates had let him learn pretty early, but he doesn’t blame them at all, despite the scar on he received on his shoulder for it. It had started off with nicking food from the market and pick pocketing, but since he’s become the older of the group, it’s changed directions, especially with leaving for Hogwarts. He almost decided not to go, but his best mate told him that if he had the chance to get out of Cheapside and not end up working in the factory or sent to prison, he needed to take it. Which he did, even though he spent his summers making up for the time he doesn’t spend on the streets ‘making a living.’ His father knew his mother was a witch, so while not growing up around magic, Fletch knew it existed and has read everything in his mother’s Hogwarts trunk time and time again, even though he didn’t understand it at all. His maternal grandparents died before he was born and his father says he doesn’t remember who his parents were. (Meaning that his father was probably abusive and his mother didn’t care, so it’s probably for the best).Despite his absence during his childhood, Fletch loves his father (in a detached, unconditional way) and would do anything for him, including paying off his pub tab and other bills with money he’d ‘earned’ during the school year.


Fletch never thought of himself as someone who could fancy anyone, but in sixth year, when he wasn’t avoiding trouble from the Head Boy and Girl, he spent an inordinate amount of time with the spirited Liz Fortescue. She turned into his first girlfriend, first (and as he swears, only) love. Spending time as her boyfriend wasn’t anything like he’d thought dating would be like; they just hung out and sometimes they snogged but mostly they just talked. Fletch really didn’t know how to quantify his feelings for her and there was no way he could afford anything nice for her. As most ‘first true love’ stories end, Liz broke his heart, dumping him for a professional quidditch player. While he’s still incredibly hurt and sore about the way she ended things, he doesn’t blame her for ‘moving up’. Fletch knows he’s just cockney trash and that any girl would be lucky to find a guy that could afford everything they could ever want in life. But, even after a disastrous bout of ‘figuring things out’ with Alana Bode, Fletch has sworn dating off. Completely.

The end of sixth year ended badly, even though Fletch had been getting over his breakup slowly. There was an ‘accident’ at his father’s factory, an explosion that was even reported in the Daily Prophet because of the seemingly magical ties. Someone saw the Dark Mark over the factory and reported it to a muggle news reporter before they were Obliviated. Three muggles were killed and more injured. One of the hurt ones was Fletch’s father. It’s been months now and things haven’t started looking up yet. His father was moved from a nice hospital bed to a so-called ‘long term care facility’ because after waking up from the coma the explosion had sent him into, he’s gone catatonic. Not speaking, barely moving and only eating when told to, it breaks Fletch’s heart to visit him, but he still does. The Ministry isn’t helping, telling him it was just a gas main and the factory isn’t paying up on the insurance because of one lapsed payment before Fletch was even born. He’s working two jobs and continues his business from Hogwarts on the side to help pay for rent and hospital bills.


working on it!


working on it!


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