Nate Dawlish


  • Name: Nathan Ewan Dawlish
  • Birthdate: 1 June 1950
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Muggleborn
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Hufflepuff (1961-68)
  • Occupation: Auror
  • Alignment: Ministry



Nate is tough when it comes to being an Auror. He takes his direction from the ministry and follows orders as much as possible (there’s always wiggle room) but he doesn’t take shit from anyone, especially the other Aurors. He doesn’t quite believe in the whole Light magic versus Dark magic thing, just in the way people conduct themselves. He thinks that everyone should have their own opinions about life and politics, but draws the line at torturing and killing people just to get your point across. There are different ways to go about getting your voice heard and even though its frustrating and people don’t want to listen, murder and crime isn’t right. Nate’s sense of justice and fairness is strong but not unchangeable. He’s not as stubborn as some of his coworkers and doesn’t really take offense to getting called a mudblood. He’s had to deal with it since joining the wizarding world and knows he’s damn good at what he does and blood has nothing to do with that.

He’s energetic but sometimes has eight or nine things going at once and at the last minute, but he loves it like that and it keeps him refreshed. Nate loves being busy, it gives him a sort of higher sense of purpose. He does get stressed and sometimes drops the ball but he’ll pick himself up without wallowing about it. Nate is incredibly intelligent, he got Outstandings on all of his N.E.W.T.s but isn’t bigheaded about it. He believes in hard work and reaping the benefits of it. He’s incredibly loyal to his friends and family, but it takes a lot to actually win him over and once his trust has been lost, it’s usually very tough to gain it back. His loyalty within the ministry lies with his team members and fellow aurors rather than with the minister himself.




  • Charles Dawlish - father
  • Carol Dawlish - mother


  • Toby Dawlish - brother


Love Life


Significant Other


  • Scott Erickson - 18 May 1973
  • Emily Caroline - 20 May 1979

Past Relationships


Best Friend





Nate grew up with his brother and parents on a farm in Devon, riding horses and taking care of the animals. He never thought he was anything special until one day when he was nearly ten and goofing around with his brother in the barn and fell backwards out of the hayloft onto a piece of machinery, he ended up on the other side of the barn with a loud ‘pop’, standing upright. His home was swarmed with strange people in dresses with sticks and one lady sat down and explained to him and his family that he was a wizard and the whirlwind that his goofing around created was because he’d apparated across the barn. Despite the little bit of jealousy it created between the brothers, especially when he got his Hogwarts letter and was shipped off to Scotland, Nate has remained close to his family and visits them as often as possible. He was a rambunctious boy but knew the value of hard work and that usually meant dinner on the table and pocket money for ice creams with Toby.

School for Nate was different; he was a head taller than most of the boys in his year (although they caught up quickly) and knew more about hard work than most of them. He didn’t know what to expect when he came to Hogwarts, but it certainly wasn’t Arthur Weasley, a boy from a neighboring family. Nate hadn’t realized how well the Wizarding world had been hidden until he’d spied the redheaded family at Kings Cross. Boy was he shocked! The Dawlishes had lived near them for years and hadn’t even suspected. Nate was slightly relieved that his parents would have someone to talk to about Hogwarts and other questions that could come to mind. Nate was sorted before Arthur and his work ethic and loyalty earned him a spot in Hufflepuff, but was sorely disappointed when Arthur was sorted into Gryffindor with his brothers. That didn’t stop them from being friends throughout Hogwarts and after. Schooling went by fast for Nate, without his brother there to beg him off of work, he remained a dedicated student, earning high O.W.L. scores and all Outstandings on his N.E.W.T.s.


There really wasn’t an option after school for Nate, he knew what he wanted to be and that was an auror. He worked hard to get where he was at and wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of that dream. Since Toby had started to take over the work at the farm, Nate was free to take as many shifts as possible, saving up his money for a rainy day. Or for when he met The One, which, eventually he did. Nate really didn’t date anyone too seriously, he was far too busy with work and trying to stay alive to actually keep one for periods longer than a few weeks. Then he met Bree. He’d technically seen her around the ministry for years, but it wasn’t until he’d finally worked up the guts that he asked her out, strictly for drinks, but it did turn into something more. Despite upsets with her ‘family’ (her sister’s boyfriend actually) and dealing with nosy parkers, Nate and Bree had a whirlwind romance that nearly ended in disaster after an attack on Diagon Alley but now they’re married and have an adopted three year old son, Scott.


star sign: Gemini
symbol: Twins
gemini in depth: Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and has influence over the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs. Positive traits include quick wits, versatility, flexibility, fluency with words and ideas, an open mind, a love of learning, adaptability, agility, sharp perception, and cheerfulness; negative traits are duplicity, mood swings, flightiness, nervousness, fidgeting, lack of attention span, a tendency to be easily influenced, and undependability.

the hufflepuff gemini: Hufflepuff Geminis stand out for being geniuses as what Muggles like to call "multitasking." They can't just work on one project - they need to have eight or nine things going all at once, usually as close to a deadline as possible. They also tend to be a little more outspoken and extraverted in the classroom than the average Hufflepuff, who would rather sit near the back of the classroom and quietly take notes to study later. Because they bite off more than they can chew, they are always complaining of various ailments related to stress.



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