Nicholas Hooke

Personality & History

Nick had never been particularly fond of his parents' views on muggles, but he didn't exactly want to be disowned from his family. He was able to keep himself quiet up until he fell - and hard - for a muggle woman named Madeleine. It was rough going at first - the moment he told her his family would disown him if they got too serious, Madeleine broke things off with him and he returned to England. Thankfully, the break-up didn't last for long - Madeleine came to the city and Nick took her back immediately, effectively telling his parents to bite it. He married Madeleine and moved into a hole-in-the-wall apartment with her, supporting them with the money he made as a wand core extractor (heavily supplemented, of course, by Madeleine's teaching job). His sister Adamina was furious when he first left, but they eventually reconciled their difference and she began to visit him again recently … but his sister Cecilia still refuses to speak to him civilly. It upsets Nick, but he isn't prepared to leave the woman he loves for a sister who only cares about him (outwardly, at least) if their parents approve.

While Nick understands that his wife worries about him at his job, he can't bring himself to give it up - it's good enough money and he does love the slight danger that it offers him on a daily basis (have you ever tried to remove a Runespoor fang from a wily Runespoor? I didn't think so). He's a terribly proud man when it comes down to it and although his sister's husband, Timothy Greengrass, has offered to build him a house for what he describes as 'low cost', he is hesitant to allow the man to do anything for him. After all, he should be able to support his family without aid from someone else. He isn't a charity case. It doesn't help that he's always been protective of Adamina and is thus wary of any sort of lover that she takes. Tim is no exception.

He knows Madeleine feels guilty for his disownment and tries desperately to protect her from any problems that he might have and from the disappointment he has toward his sister Cecilia for failing to give his new family even one chance. He still hopes Cecilia will come around with time.


  • Name: Nicholas Richard Hooke
  • Birthday: September 4, 1948
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
  • Patronus: Buffalo




  • Mortimor Louis Hooke - Father
  • Eliza Julianne Hooke nee Lucas - mother



Love Life

Significant Other


  • Natalia Eliza Hooke - daughter
  • Mina Speranza Hooke - daughter
  • Nicholas Luca Hooke - son

Past Relationships

  • N/A


Best Friend

  • N/A



  • Mortimor Louis Hooke


  • Journal Name: unhooked
  • Player: Lettie
  • PB: Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Previous PBs: N/A
  • Font: Miss Claude
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