Nicole Bardera


  • Name: Nicole Penelope Bardera
  • Birthdate: 23 November 1952
  • Nationality: English
  • Bloodline: Halfblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Slytherin, Class of 1970
  • Occupation: Professional Chaser, Puddlemere United
  • Alignment: Neutral



By just looking at her, you can see that Nicole is one tough chick. She's everything that a Slytherin should be-ambitious, determined, strong, and ruthlessly competitive. She is a girl that gets what she wants and she doesn't care who she has to step on along the way to get it. In fact, she often tells Finn that the only reason he's Seeker for the United is because he's the captain-if he weren't, she'd be all over him for the position. She also can't stand the feeling of second place and is a horribly sore loser when she doesn't have her way, undoubtedly one of her biggest failings. She doesn't make it a habit to take defeat well at all, so it's a good thing that she has a very controlled temper. Unlike some, she doesn't scream and yell and curse when she's bettered… she sits and plots revenge, and she really likes to do things just to spite people that have won against her.

It's a tangent of this that makes her quite the prankster. Her favorite victims being her fellow teammates, and you had better not either catcall her (Martin) or block her shot (Ian), because the next day you're going to get back for it ten times what you paid. Her pranks aren't always out of revenge, though-sometimes she just likes to screw with them all.

Nick despises the public eye. She loves being a professional player because it's her dream, but really wishes on most days that the press would just bugger off and leave her alone. She doesn't strive for limelight, but unfortunately, she seems to get more than any other player on the league apart from her dear captain—being the only female on the defending British Cup champion team will grab you a little bit of attention here and there. She's not reclusive like Finn, and she does everything that's asked of her, but not if she can manage to get out of it first. The only press-related bits she will happily perform are for charity; if it's just for the cover of a magazine, you'll be hard-pressed to book her for it.

Despite her mad popularity, Nicole has never been very fortunate in the romance department. She's that girl that is a guy's best friend, but when it comes to dating them is completely lost. She gets tons of male attention, but it's always the wrong kind (she hates pigs), and she doesn't particularly grasp the concept of how to attract the right kind. Any and all of her relationships have failed, and thus she is currently single and hoping to stay that way. She'd never want a relationship to get in the way of her career, anyway.




  • Benjamin Tristan Bardera - father
  • Sylvia Nicole Bardera nee Monroe - mother


  • Adam Bardera, brother
  • Jonathan Bardera, brother
  • Tristan Bardera, brother

Love Life

Significant Other

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Past Relationships

  • Fuck 'em all.


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  • Chauvinistic assholes, generally. Why, you one of them?



You'd think that growing up in a family where your three other siblings are boys would make it difficult on all counts to be anything resembling girly, but for Nicole Penelope Bardera (that's Nick to you, punk), it was exactly the opposite. Not only was it very possible to be feminine, but it was encouraged greatly by her parents… too bad she never really subscribed to that. As a child, Nick's favorite things to do included rolling in the mud, catching frogs, and playing Quidditch with bothers Adam, Jonathan, and Tristan. She found that she was talented in the sport from a very young age (much to the dismay of her mother, who had only kept having children to have that girl that she could play dolls with), beating out her much larger brothers on many occasions. Her favorite position was Seeker, but she was always determined to better her siblings in everything, and so she became quickly adept at being a Beater, Keeper, and Chaser as well, just to show them up. It wasn't just that, though—she really, truly loved the sport and would have liked to become as good at all the positions as she could. When she was seven years old, Nick knew that Quidditch was exactly what she wanted to with the rest of her life.

Therefore, the young girl was crushed when she got to Hogwarts. Being sorted into Slytherin was the worst moment of her life-Slytherin captains did not believe in allowing females on their team, no matter how good. Out of sheer spite, she tried out every year, but her determination never seemed to get her anywhere, and somewhere in fifth year, she decided that maybe it was best if she gave up her dream. She was very interested in Care of Magical Creatures, after all, and maybe the life of a teacher or a beast trainer was better for her. It wasn't like she could expect to be a Quidditch star when the extent of her practice were the summer games of two-a-team she played with her brothers, and this was what she convinced herself of. It may have been nothing more than a defense mechanism so that she wouldn't get her hopes up in case the professional teams saw her as 'just a girl' too-she didn't need to think about that, all it did was make her bitter.

Nick graduated with average grades, but enough to secure herself a desk job in the Department for the Regulation of Magical Creatures at the Ministry. As much as she tried to tell herself that she was content where she was, she wasn't at all. It was too dull for her, and when news came to the family of Tristan making a position as starting Chaser on the Caerphilly Catapults, she was


devastated… She tried to be happy for him, but it proved nearly impossible when she looked at him and saw exactly what she wanted to be. The event was a blessing in disguise, however—she knew that if she was ever going to be happy with herself, she was going to have to get up out of her desk and do something about it. At age 19, she picked up her broom and began flying again.

While she still had her natural talent, Nick knew that she had a lot of time to make up for as well, but she didn't just jump into her work, she dived head-first. Not only did she practice for hours every day, but she attended every practice of Tristan's team, watching, taking notes, studying moves. She listened to every game that she could watch on the wireless. She checked out books on the greats of the game, read them over and over and over and over again. Her Slytherin ambition did her well, and two years later, Nicole had a place as a reserve beater on the Holyhead Harpies.

While she moved up in their ranks quite quickly to a starting position, the Harpies were not where she wanted to be. She didn't fit in on the all girl's team, despite the fact that the notion of it was a dream come true for her school-aged self. No, Nicole decided quickly that she needed to move away from the girls and play on a field that she had been used to since birth: a field full of boys. Six, to be precise.

Nick made the transfer to Puddlemere United at age 23 as a starting Chaser, seeing the team through their championship year and becoming the only female on the team. This singles her out a bit, and as a result she's become a lot more of a star than she ever was with the Harpies.


working on it!


working on it!


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