Ophelia Llewellyn


  • Name: Ophelia Claretta Llewellyn
  • Birthdate: 17 June 1960
  • Nationality: Welsh, Italian
  • Bloodline: Pureblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Ravenclaw, Class of 1978
  • Occupation: Socialite
  • Alignment: Death Eaters



If you've ever judged a person by the friends they keep, you'd be surprised by Ophelia. Just because her closest confidants are or have been of Slytherin house does not make her like them; in fact, she's like them at all, it's a rather subdued similarity. With the fault of having no ambition at all and not at all compelled to work for the things she wants, she refuses to accept a path if it is not convenient to her, even if that means sticking with something she's less than happy with.

In general, Ophelia's rather soft spoken unless she's around her friends. Don't take that to mean she's shy—she's far, far from it. Because of her parents making their own quest to find her a husband, she became rather a bit of a flirt and was known in the past to be a little shameless about it at times. Even when she doesn't care that much, the attitude can come out through reflex, an attribute that has both been known to get her in trouble and get her things that she wants.

In school she's brilliant, but it's easy for Lia to get nervous or anxious in high-pressure situations easily and she never did really meet her expectations as far as her examinations were concerned, a strange quality for a Ravenclaw to have. This nervousness helps her in other aspects of her life, however; some would say that it's inherited, because her family has always been known for being wary of topics that could heat conversation. It's the simpler thing for her to do to pawn off the blame on that, so that's the theory that she subscribes to when any professors are curious in that respect.

Despite Ophelia's being a very family-oriented person, she couldn't bring herself marry Grayson the first time just to keep them with her. It would so happen that her brother Ioan and sister Gwendolyn proved themselves to be real family with the way that they stuck with her after the ordeal, although she's found more reason now to not consider Winnifred such-her oldest younger sister, despite Lia's being accepted back into the family, still considers her to be a disgrace. Her first wedding gave her a lot of perspective on who the people who actually care about her are.




  • Amaro Ioan Llewellyn - father, deceased
  • Carmela Elena Llewellyn nee Inchiastro - mother, deceased



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Second in line to the Llewellyn fotune, Ophelia Claretta was born the warm summer afternoon of June 17th, 1960 to proud parents Amaro and Carmela. She was the first girl of the family after following her elder brother of six years, Ioan, but would later be followed by two other girls—Winnifred and Gwendolyn.

With the world being so obviously swept up in the debate of pureblood supremacy, the sharp-minded Ophelia noticed from a very early age that her family was different from all the others she saw and heard about. The Llewellyns, while descended from a long line of affluent purebloods, had somehow avoided taking sides in the raging argument. Although they partied and socialized with the worst of the purists-such as the Blacks, the Malfoys, and the Rosiers-and upheld proudly every pureblooded tradition ever put down in the books, one thing Amaro felt there was no gain or purpose in was being involved in such a fiery, sensitive conflict.

Ophelia, Ioan, and Winnifred (born three years after Ophelia) were taught no inherent love for Muggles or Muggleborns in all their homeschooling, but they were never taught to hate them either. The time other families spent preaching hate and ingraining malicious thoughts into their children's minds was spent on softer disciplines—dance, literature, histories, equestrian studies, the arts, etiquette… because of this, it was no surprise when Ioan and Ophelia were both sorted into Ravenclaw house.

Having had life handed so easily to her all her life, Ophelia took nearly two years to fully adjust to her new existance at Hogwarts. While reassuming old friendships with many of the socialite children she had grown up around, all had been sorted into Slytherin… it was a good while before the soft spoken girl became comfortable enough to search out friends in her own house. After joining the Quidditch team in fourth year, however, that became much easier and she slowly slipped out of her shy outer shell and became a bit more sociable outside her comfort zone. Despite the bulk of her confidants being in another house, she eventually found her niche in her own.

Ophelia was less than thrilled in fifth year when she received only six O.W.L.s, which could only be attributed to her extended focus on Quidditch. The only person in her family not seemingly disappointed with the situation was her uncle, Dai, who she attributed any sports talent to. But she herself wasn't happy-her preliminary dreams of becoming a Healer dashed and not wanting to follow in her uncle's footsteps, she suddenly felt a bit lost in her way.

She knew that her father had always wanted to pair her up with a similarly wealthy pureblooded man, however, and Ophelia felt herself soon bowing under the pressure. With little ambition and no other more appealing paths, she allowed her future to go into the hands of her father, like so many girls she knew had. She felt a bit better as a number of her Slytherin friends were in the same situation and slowly the prospect of such a simple future became almost pleasing. She just had no idea that such a large kink as Hippocrates Smethwyck was going to throw itself into those plans.

Lia had known Smeth from being in the same house, but had never really paid attention to him until he jumped in between herself and a rather burly Slytherin and became in all senses her white knight. She and Smeth began dating during their seventh year and everything was going blissfully well-he was the first boy that had treated her like a real person, he was adorable, he was smart… But Lia would have never begun dating him if she had known that her parents were so close to sealing the deal on her future marriage.


As it would turn out, that's exactly what they were in the process of doing, and by November of 1977 she was betrothed to a man by the name of Grayson Wilkes, a little fact that she would not find out until he presented her with a ring in the middle of her brother's wedding reception. Stunned, not knowing what to do, she went back to school and tried for a while to pretend that things were well as she tried to figure out a way to break this news to Smeth. Although they did eventually break up, it seemed that she couldn't keep away from her ex-boyfriend and even while she knew that it was wrong, kept wishing to see him.

Ophelia learned during that time to get along with her fiancé, but she still felt as if marrying a man she hardly knew was the wrong thing to do. It was that, and a mix of the fact that she wanted to be with Smeth, that compelled Lia to walk out on her own wedding, telling Grayson that she simply couldn't do it. Although her family came to disown her for it and his family came to hate her, it was alright because she was back at Hogwarts and there was no ring and no husband and she was, most importantly, with Smeth.

As time would tell, however, the pair of them were not meant to last. Nearing the end of the school year, Smeth and Lia began to get on each other's nerves more and more for smaller and smaller things, and then when Grayson decided to inexplicably pop back into her life, they both knew that it was over for good. Amazed that he would take her back (but not complaining; she had liked him after all), Lia decided that their relationship deserved a second chance as well. Just as their breakup had infuriated her family, this getting back together overjoyed them and she was once again accepted back with open arms in the hopes that she was trying to repent for her mistakes, and hopefully marry him after all.

It would just so happen that the Llewellyns would not be around to witness this wedding that they so hoped for. Mysteriously after one Sunday dinner, Amaro and Carmela turned up dead in their home (Grayson had done it, although no one knew this), leaving the estate to Ioan, Ophelia, and Winnie.


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