We can't all be super rich and sit at home wondering which diamond necklace to wear to bed tonight.

Jobs in…

The Ministry of Magic

St. Mungo's Hospital


Diagon Alley

Knockturn Alley

Wizarding World

Clara Abbott - personal assistant to Psyke Smith

Nicole Bardera - Chaser, Puddlemere United

Ian Bell - Keeper, Puddlemere United

Oliver Bennet - personal assistant to Marlene McKinnon

Narcissa Black - socialite

Stubby Boardman - musician, The Hobgoblins

Martin Boot- Beater, Puddlemere United

Zotikos Bouloukos - dragon trainer

Noël Carmichael - artist

Graciela Cervantes - author

Nadiya Dassi - actress / singer

Savannah Davies - journalist, Witch Weekly

Bree Dawlish - housewife

Estella Derrick - dance instructor

Tabitha Diggory - housewife

Joy Diserafino - personal assistant

Graeme Dorny - waiter

Lyssandra Eberlee - waitress

Caden Flint - Chaser, Puddlemere United

Florence Gibbon - beautician

Sebastian Goldstein - freelance photographer

Timothy Greengrass - magical construction

Galvin Gudgeon - Seeker, Chudley Cannons

Gladys Gudgeon - professor

Adamina Hooke- socialite

Nicholas Hooke - wand core extractor

Brand Kirke - curse breaker

Julia Kirke - temp worker

Emily Kole - pediatrician

Caitlin Llewellyn - animal healer

Gwendolyn Llewellyn - home schooled student

Ophelia Llewellyn - socialite

Gilderoy Lockhart - author / adventurer

Xenophilius Lovegood - editor-in-chief of The Quibbler

Cassandra MacFarlarn - Seeker, Montrose Magpies

Elena McLaggen - animal healer

Phineas McLaggen - Seeker, Puddlemere United

Glenda Prewett - WWN intern

Lydia Proudfoot - model

Anna Marie Rosenberg - interior designer

Matilda Rowle - socialite

Psyke Smith - model/fashion designer

Javier Spinnet- WWN personality

Nymphadora Tonks - homeschooled student

Ted Tonks - BBC Anchor

Nathan Tremaine - photographer

Giada Vance - muggle radio DJ

Seth Wadcock - Beater, Puddlemere United

Molly Weasley - housewife

Daniella Montague - socialite

Louisa Wilkes - herbologist

Leah Williams - socialite

Hannah Wood - author

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