Quidditch Teams

Teams of Britain & Ireland

Appleby Arrows

Ballycastle Bats

Caerphilly Catapults

  • Seeker: Brynn Priddy
  • Chaser: Tristan Bardera
  • Chaser: Stosh Nowak
  • Chaser: Oscar Brown
  • Beater: Tadhg Kearney
  • Beater: Fergus Darrow
  • Keeper: Griffith Kirkham - captain

Chudley Cannons

Falmouth Falcons

Holyhead Harpies

Kenmare Kestrels

Montrose Magpies

Pride of Portree

Puddlemere United

Tutshill Tornados

Wigtown Wanderers

Wimbourne Wasps

Teams of Europe

Bigonville Bombers

Braga Broomfleet


Gorodok Gargoyles

Grodzisk Goblins

Heildelberg Harriers

Karasjok Kites

Quiberon Quafflepunchers


Vrasta Vultures

Teams of Asia, Africa, and Oceania

Gimbi Giant-Slayers

Moutohora Macaws

Patonga Proudsticks

Sumbawanga Sunrays

Tchamba Charmers

Thundelarra Thunderers

Toyohashi Tengu

Woollongong Warriors

Teams of North & South America

Fitchburg Finches

Haileybury Hammers

Moose Jaw Meteorites

Stonewall Stormers

Sweetwater All-Stars

Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers

Hogwarts Teams





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