Remus Lupin


  • Name: Remus John Lupin
  • Birthdate: 10 March 1960
  • Nationality: Irish, English
  • Bloodline: Halfblood
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Gryffindor, Class of 1978
  • Occupation: Janitor
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix



Remus is a very calm individual. Most of the time it's as though he has to make up for all the times that he changes into a werewolf, not wanting to have the same out of control anger whenever he is around people, as it only serves to remind him of the monster he considers himself to be. He spends the majority of time hiding in his books, and trying to learn more, just so he doesn't half to face his insecurities. He is quiet and doesn't usually speak his mind, even if he often thinks of several harsh and witty things to say to Sirius and James as the commit their mischief. Often, he finds himself wishing he had. It leaves him with a sour taste in his mouth, especially when they've been tormenting their fellow classmates, even if it's someone like Severus.

Remus is a loyal friend. He would do anything for the people he loves, and he tries his best to stand up for them, often being able to do so. His Gryffindor bravery shines through when it is needed, though he honestly thinks it is needed more often then he gives it. He would do whatever it took for his friends, sometimes even taking the blame for the trouble they make, as he is too cowardly too say he wasn't involved. He'd like to say he has a badside, but it's not true. His repremanding is usually something along the lines of, "Er, excuse me, could you please not do that? It's not very… Polite and… Oh… You're walking away? Well, then, just… just don't do it next time please! Thank you!" In other words; not very effective.

The only time Remus usually relaxes is around James, Siris, and Peter (possibly being the only one to not make fun of the poor boy), allowing himself to be less of the Perfect Prefect, the nerdy boy that everyone knows, and the Moony that the … Quadro? Has learned to love. He tends to have a sarcastic sense of humour when he actually cracks jokes, unless they're intentional. Then they're just usually lame.

Romantically, he's very shy toward new relationships. He feels that romantically, he doesn't have much to offer, and tends to show off with dorky knowledge, such as "Did you know that the letter J didn't exist in the Latin language? They used an I instead, so Jupiter was Iupter, and pronounced… YOO-PITER. *guffaw*" But he's a bit more open to relationships in this time period than he will be later in life, as he still has that youthful romantic air about him.




  • John Lupin - father deceased 6-19-1965
  • Lucia Lupin nee Cage - mother deceased 8-18-1978

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The Lupins were a lower-middle class family. While Remus had everything he needed, he didn't have much of what he wanted, which was okay with him. He was always a minimalist. His mother's side of the family tended to keep to themselves, being rather large one purebloods staying pure (not to say they hate Muggles or Muggleborns, they simply don't see them fit to marry, and thus don't talk to their daughter any too frequently), so Remus never created any close family bonds. He had a strong muggle influence from his father, being very close to his grandparents until their death when he was 10.

Born the night before the full moon, Remus' life was pretty much normal through the first seven years of his life. At least, normal for the type of person he was prone to being. He loved school (an oddity in itself) and tended to enjoy reading, and later using his imagination to play out the stories that were planted into his mind. It helped him to be as easily entertained as he was, his family never having attained much money throughout their lives. His mother was never ashamed of her witchley upbringings, but she had decided not to daunt them on Remus very heavily, as it not only made his father slightly uncomfortable, but she feared him telling the muggle children and teachers at school. It would only create awkward situations.

It unfortunately left him open to a danger he had never even dreamed of; Remus was enjoying himself, playing pirates near a rather large mud puddle by himself (who plays in mudpuddles at night? ONLY REMUS LUPIN!), when everything in his life changed in just an instant. Everything was so quick, and all he could grasp was the shooting pain when he felt what he was certain was fangs puncturing his skin, glowing red eyes that sent chills through him, silver fur, and blood. Blood that managed to soak the grass and pour out of him in what he was sure was quarts. Remus had never believed that he could hold so much of it.

Remus woke up in a rather stiff bed (or perhaps his muscles were just too sore to tell the difference) in St. Mungos, trying his best to not move as he felt shooting pain everytime he did. His parents had been clearly sitting there for days, and he noticed his mother had been crying before she'd seen her little boy's hazel eyes flutter open. He had watched her fake a smile, forcing his own as his dad ruffled his hair and muttered a very strained "G'mornin', champ." He went from a faux-happiness, to complete confusion when the doctors began to explain what had happened. Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf known for hunting little children, had changed him. He didn't quite know what all of this meant, but he could tell by the looks of poorly hidden horror that it was anything good.

The next full moon brought him agony that he had never dreamed possible. He soon began dreading the nights when he would be sent to a confinding space within St. Mungo's. He hated the fact that he'd been forced to register, that the entire magical government knew what he was. He learned quickly that life in the wizarding world did not uphold people like himself, and he felt a heavy ache in his heart when he heard his mother crying to his father about how he would never be accepted to Hogwarts. It was as though a dream inside him had died, having only ever heard wonderful tales of the magical school, the one thing his mother would devulge to him about her world. His only dream had been attending, and now it had been crushed.

So it was, of course, surprise to everyone when Albus Dumbledore himself requested that Remus begin attending Hogwarts in the fall of 1971. He felt an overwhelming sense of relief, and a joy in him that he thought would burst. His parents took him shopping for all his supplies, and he nearly cried with joy when he boarded the Hogwarts Express that September. Remus shuffled through the compartments, eventually finding a seat of his own. He road the way to Hogwarts alone, lost in his novels, and this was how he'd spend the first few weeks of his days at Hogwarts.

His fellow Gryffindor housemates were quite confused by it. One boy in particular, the one called "Sirius" decided to spark a conversation with him in the dorms one day, by walking over to his bed, and stealing his book. The conversation went as follows:

Sirius: What's this rubbish?
Remus: It's King Lear by Shakespeare, can I have it back please?
Sirius: *stares* Are you seriously that big a loser?
Remus: Book… Please.
Sirius: *hands book* Poofter. You should've been in Ravenclaw.

So Remus was rather surprised when the boy forced him to sit with him and a boy by the name of James Potter at lunch that day. The surprise doubled when he realized that they wanted to actually be his friends. Or, well, James seemed to at least. Sirius would constantly ask him for his work, and he had much of an idea that he was just being used. Not that that ever stopped him from handing his parchment over, of course. Somehow, within the confusion of it all, the three boys (and eventually one other named Peter, who they merely friended out of pity) became inseparable best friends.


Unless Remus was disappearing to the shack that the school had set up for him, that was. His friends became curious of his whereabouts once a month, and eventually, on October 22 of 1972, they decided to follow him. Remus was entirely unaware until his friends confronted him the next day, informing him that they had followed him. Remus turned possibly the brightest shade of white since the attack itself, and found himself near tears. The goofy grins on their faces, the laughter coming from Sirius. They were going to spill it to everyone before the end of the day, he was sure of it.

The sudden praises of how awesome it was, and how they had to find someway to accompany him to the "delapidated hellhole" (Sirius always had been so eloquent with word choice), he finally did break down crying, so relieved to have such amazing friends.

Sirius once again informed him he was a poofter for it.

He went throughout his years, glad to have the secret off of his chest, and while he constantly tried to stop his three friends from becoming unregistered animagus, he knew that it was worthless efforts, and couldn't help but smile at the thought that they were willing to do so for him. He'd gone from believing he'd never be accepted to his dream school, always be outcasted, and have a life that was anything but suited for him, and yet, here he is, with the three best friends in the world that anyone could ever ask for. It still, even after graduating from Hogwarts, leaves him in awe, giving him a confidence for the years he will have with them, knowing they'll be best friends for the rest of their lives. He, of course, doesn't realize how short a time that is, but lets just let him have his moment.


6th Year - 1976 - 1977
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